Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stand up Everytime you Fall (Inspiration to those who weaken)

Stand up, stand up, stand up
Stand up every time you fall (3X)
We always take chances
We always looking for something
In this world to make our life happier
We love rising up above it all
Or finding some place to go
Wondering what’s the next thing to do
That will make our life easier

But even though you tried everything
It wasn’t turned out the way you wanted
‘Cause now, you’re failing and nothing
It’s like every second of your life makes you shiver inside
And wishing things will happen into something you ever wanted

Oh,don’t worry, baby
Just don’t forget to
Stand up (3X)
Stand up every time you fall (3X)
Leaning up against the wall

You need to close your eyes
And wish but take it easy ‘cause
You don’t need miracles just pray and prepare
‘Cause we love rising up above it all
Finding some place to go
Wondering what’s the next thing to do
That will make your dream coming’ true
(Repeat R & C)

When you thought everything so perfect
Well, you missed to figured out something
‘Cause nothing’s really perfect
(Repeat R & C)

When the time you feel doubts
Is the same time you feel so scared
You might feel you’re loosing hope but you never lose faith…

Monday, July 29, 2013

Puppy Love (Hachico, Spike, George and Perez) :)

 These are Perez (the white, black and brown colors puppy, he's a Shih Tzu crossbreed Japanese Spitz), Spike "Spikey Chowder" (he's a Chow Golden puppy crossbreed by Golden Retriever), and George (the brown one, another Shih Tzu crossbreed Golden Retriever and Japanese Spitz--he also looks like a chihuahua). Picture Perfect moments for these three cute and adorable puppies.

 This white cute puppy is kinda lazy but definitely can bring joy to a family, Spike is the second puppy we have--the first one is Hachico. You can check her on my article: "The New Addition to the Family".

 This is Perez, he's the smallest of them all and the quite one. He's very cute and adorable too. I love carrying him. So, behaved and cuddly.

 This is George, he's a bit energetic and playful. We named him after George Clooney and of course William and Kate's son George Alexander Louis. We actually named him before we knew it was their son's name but it's okay if people will think that way. No worries about that, since this is dedicated to these puppies--I think they deserved to be treated like special.

 We tried everything we could to take some great photos but we had a hard time putting them together at once. Maybe they look so cute but actually they already want to freak out. Oh well, still they are so awesome and Picture Perfect cuteness. I'm just happy looking at them everyday and of course caressing them.

 They are like my angels in disguise. Just look at them! I feel like I want to hug them forever!

 And I think Hachico wants to hug them too, look at her! She always look after them, she's adorable too. I feel like she's the big sister of the three cute new puppies. She's very disciplined, reliable and protective dog, I guess every German Shepherd really have that kind of attitude in their blood. I'm so proud of her that's why I love her with all my heart.

Until next time folks!
Always remember, "Love your pets as your own"--it really feels good for sure!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

For Cute and Adorable Little One or maybe two, three and four!

Since I was a kid, my life evolves in country side--mostly with trees, flowers and animals. Those animals were dog and cat and now still with dogs. I'm actually okay with it because dogs are adorable and I love them. Next time, I will gonna show you the other dogs we have here because they are four now.

You already saw Hachico and Spike, next time you will see George and Perez... So, watch out for that--okay!

I know it's a bit weird but I just wanna share this colorful and cute bowl of dog food as a sign of my messy and busy but happy life with some cute puppies.

These laces are for the puppies we have, you see it's very colorful and cute. I know it will fit perfect for their neck. So, now we can carry them anytime and anywhere we want. For sure it's gonna be fun.

Last but not the least, the dog's shampoo. I don't know what's the difference between these bottle but I think the dog's picture. Lol, well of course these shampoo will help the dog to stay fresh and thick free hair--hopefully.

So, folks until next time...keep reading and keep pup-ing to have a Picture Perfect moments with your pets.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Spike the Cute White Golden Retriever Puppy

The New Addition to the family is Spikey Chowder, he is a White Golden Retriever. He's the second dog that we have because the first one is Hachico Chikay, she is the combination of Jack Russell and White German Shepherd the smaller version. These two cute doggy are the center of joy and happiness to the family. 

He is so cute and cuddly! Awesomely Picture Perfect!

Having that blue eyes and licky tongue--oh common! He is so sweet!

Hachico is bigger and energetic while Spike is the smaller and the lazy one. They are both cute and lovable.
At first, they don’t approached at each other—but with a little push they're okay I guess.

Because Hachico is a breed of White German Shepherd, she loves to play and to run around house. She even wants to play with Spike, the chow golden retriever.

But since this little Spikey is lazy, he got angry because he wants to sleep--oh jeez!

But Hachico is always a little pushy to have fun, oh well, that's just how it goes to have a happy and messy puppy life.

So, folks until next time...Happy reading and happy pup-ing! :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Memories of Christmas is always in my Heart

 "Every day is Christmas day"

As I’m checking the photos saved on my laptop, I found these pictures of Christmas trees. It may not be Christmas today but some memories of great moments came back to me about the past many Christmas. Those celebrations were amazing, the happiness that it brings really gave a great impact in my life and those memories I have will be forever in my heart. In many different celebrations, Christmas is the best—no doubt! Lots of love, lots of food, lots of gifts, lots of happenings and lots of every beautiful and shining things—in other words, lots of everything amazing and great for a Picture Perfect.

This first Christmas tree that I wanna show you was Greg’s Christmas (my gay old friend) tree last Christmas. He said he never makes a tree before but last Christmas was the first time he made it and I’m so proud of him. He designed it by his self for the first time and he really made a great job—it was beautiful. You really need to have a lot of guts to do things that you don’t usually do and making it great is only a plus factor. Awesome! I'm so proud of the gayest person I've ever know. Cheers for my gay friend...

This second Christmas tree was made out of trash (box of a cereal and its foil plus the old Christmas decor). I made it because I want to dedicate something small but interesting for the spirit of Christmas—I hope it did worked last Christmas but actually I was happy so, I think it did worked after all.

This third Christmas tree was the second Christmas tree we had because before we used the green one. But my sister wants something different so, she chose white—to have a white Christmas. There’s no snowfall in the Philippines but with this white Christmas tree, we've had a white Christmas and we all loved it.