Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Things I love about my Lolo

1.      Scent of Pomade—my grandfather loved to use pomade for his hair, he even said “he can’t live without it”. It was one of the great memories I have of him and I’m glad my mom bought pomade in the province because I’ve never seen or smell like it here in the metro. The smell of it never changed and when I smell it the memories I have with my dear grandfather came back with one snap of lightning. I almost cried because I’ve miss him so much, he died many years ago and I never get the chance to see him for the last time. All I know is—I’m his favorite granddaughter and I will treasure it forever. Once in a while, I smell the pomade—it has a sweet smell that can bring a relaxing scent—it’s the scent of my lolo. I miss him so much and love him forever!
2.      Flat Hair style—my grandfather was always neat and clean. He used pomade so his hair will not gonna fall all over his face, truly a gorgeous human being.
3.      Caring Lolo—he said I was his favorite, and he never carried any of his granddaughter or grandson except me. I was lolo’s girl and always will be.
4.      Strict Father—my mother always told us that my grandfather was strict in any means. I know it was true because most of the old people from the past were once strict because they learned it from their ancestor which is Spanish. Well, maybe that's just how it goes.
5.      My grandfather and father are kinda similar in some aspect. My lolo and tatay don’t really get along together but in some point in life they have similarities in attitude, point of view and they both loved my mother and I love them all forever. My memory is totally Picture Perfect, I've missed so many things but I understand why things need to happen.

There are things in life that will come and go. Honestly, I just recently learned to savor every moment with your loved one. My life now is like always missing someone I loved but I know God will lead the way to him; he will come back because I know we both love each other. Things will gonna get better and bigger.

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