Thursday, July 4, 2013

Around Manila

Old Sta. Mesa is one part of Manila the capital of the Philippines. Recently, it was tagged as “Gates of Hell” by Dan Brown in his book. I’d been in this place many times before and the only thing I saw is progress, small place and old town—it is now commercial area where small businesses take a big part of its society.

I visited the place lately and I decided to take some photos and that’s what I wanna share to you folks. It's the Picture Perfect small but clean and safe place for tourist and business enthusiast—Old Sta. Mesa.

Let's start here on the road.  Those tall buildings there are called Mezza, one of the finest and amazing condos in the metro.

This inter-section is the boundary of Manila, San Juan and Quezon City.

This way to the heart of old Sta. Mesa, not so much traffic when I arrived but every rush hour expect the heavy traffic. I guess people are just too many or the vehicle--either way.

This Church is located in the middle of many and different establishments. It's the SHJ "Sacred Heart of Jesus", I remembered that Ma. Angela was baptized in this church, she's my niece.

This is the Newton Plaza, awesome place--there's entertainment, restaurants and many more.

There are also stalls for little establishments starting to grow. And you can see these kind of scenario in every part of Manila. People are working hard to earn money in the right way.

Or if you don't have stall to start with you can have a piece of table to lay all your food to sell, I bet people love it because food here is affordable and delicious.

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