Monday, July 15, 2013

Awesome Ordinary Snack Time

I’ve been saying this many times that, “I am a food lover no matter what’’! Oops! Well, it’s true and I’m sure all of us—our priority in life is how to make money for food. Sometimes even if we don’t have enough money or resources still we make things possible for food, nothing wrong with it. The way we love food is like the way we love ourselves, we cook, we plate, and we eat then we appreciate. We work, we live, we enjoy and we eat. Hmm! What am I saying? Lol.

There’s a saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through to his stomach”. Actually, I can say it’s just the same for the girls. Sometimes we turned off to a guy that’s really stingy even when it comes to food. I believed that enjoying food is a one way in having a healthy lifestyle—only if we make sure we eat healthy and right.

In the morning we eat breakfast, in the afternoon we eat lunch and in the evening we eat dinner—those are the three important meal of the day. But actually, we don’t really eat three times in a whole day—especially if we can afford things in life. Do we? We have so many snacks—maybe two or three.

And since, I love sharing what I eat here’s my Picture Perfect snack for you. Truly yummy and delicious!

 Grated cheese, yummy canton, bread, egg, bacon, with mayonnaise and ketchup

My very own yummy canton with delicious egg, bacon and cheese bread
I just love the combination of this snack totally delicious. If you gonna try this you’re snack time will not gonna be boring anymore, surely, no more hungry tummy.

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