Saturday, July 27, 2013

For Cute and Adorable Little One or maybe two, three and four!

Since I was a kid, my life evolves in country side--mostly with trees, flowers and animals. Those animals were dog and cat and now still with dogs. I'm actually okay with it because dogs are adorable and I love them. Next time, I will gonna show you the other dogs we have here because they are four now.

You already saw Hachico and Spike, next time you will see George and Perez... So, watch out for that--okay!

I know it's a bit weird but I just wanna share this colorful and cute bowl of dog food as a sign of my messy and busy but happy life with some cute puppies.

These laces are for the puppies we have, you see it's very colorful and cute. I know it will fit perfect for their neck. So, now we can carry them anytime and anywhere we want. For sure it's gonna be fun.

Last but not the least, the dog's shampoo. I don't know what's the difference between these bottle but I think the dog's picture. Lol, well of course these shampoo will help the dog to stay fresh and thick free hair--hopefully.

So, folks until next time...keep reading and keep pup-ing to have a Picture Perfect moments with your pets.

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