Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hot Siopao and Hot Noodles--Yum!


Originally, Siopao was introduced by Chinese in the Philippines a long time ago but of course with another name. They came here to trade and sell some goods, Chinese people are known of being good in business. Aside from Siopao they also introduced dimsun, siomai, noodles and lot more as a food that easy to cook and affordable.

Siopao has two flavors Filipino flavors—asado and bola-bola. Asado is a ground meat with delicious sauce stuck inside siopao. It is flavorful and tasty because siopao is made out of dough and tasteless—that’s why they fit together. Bola-bola is ground meat but stick together as round meat stuck inside the siopao, in this one you need a special sauce to make it tasty and delicious. Both flavors of siopao are delicious and yummy. People who bought the food always say with one siopao they are full and loved.

 Siopao and Noodles

This one is the Picture Perfect goodness and delicious. Hot siopao and hot noodles are great together, especially when it’s raining. Remember when the cold weather strike, we’re always looking for something hot to fill our tummy and just to ease the coldness we feel—omg! I can remember, it’s actually me—I love to eat hot food that’s good for a cold weather. I bet folks you also want some hot and delicious food like when its rain. So, happy eating and happy relaxing!

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