Sunday, July 21, 2013

Memories of Christmas is always in my Heart

 "Every day is Christmas day"

As I’m checking the photos saved on my laptop, I found these pictures of Christmas trees. It may not be Christmas today but some memories of great moments came back to me about the past many Christmas. Those celebrations were amazing, the happiness that it brings really gave a great impact in my life and those memories I have will be forever in my heart. In many different celebrations, Christmas is the best—no doubt! Lots of love, lots of food, lots of gifts, lots of happenings and lots of every beautiful and shining things—in other words, lots of everything amazing and great for a Picture Perfect.

This first Christmas tree that I wanna show you was Greg’s Christmas (my gay old friend) tree last Christmas. He said he never makes a tree before but last Christmas was the first time he made it and I’m so proud of him. He designed it by his self for the first time and he really made a great job—it was beautiful. You really need to have a lot of guts to do things that you don’t usually do and making it great is only a plus factor. Awesome! I'm so proud of the gayest person I've ever know. Cheers for my gay friend...

This second Christmas tree was made out of trash (box of a cereal and its foil plus the old Christmas decor). I made it because I want to dedicate something small but interesting for the spirit of Christmas—I hope it did worked last Christmas but actually I was happy so, I think it did worked after all.

This third Christmas tree was the second Christmas tree we had because before we used the green one. But my sister wants something different so, she chose white—to have a white Christmas. There’s no snowfall in the Philippines but with this white Christmas tree, we've had a white Christmas and we all loved it.

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