Sunday, July 14, 2013

Native Desserts in the Morning Sunshine

Palitaw, ube, maja and egg pie

As I woke up this morning, these special native desserts right were waiting for me on the table. What an awesome day?! I’m just glad because I was too hungry last night. The weather here is too hot even at night but sometimes it’s too cold, really crazy weather.
I’m actually a food lover, not really good about cooking but I’m good in tasting food. And my favorite between palitaw (the white one with sugar on top—sweet, delicious and sticky one), ube (the violet one), maja (the yellow one and actually made out of a corn), and last but not the least egg pie (sweet and yummy) is—I’m not sure because I love it all. I have taste it before but I never get tired of it, it’s just simply delicious and interesting.

 2 Palitaw, 1 maja and 1 ube

Yes, I ate everything on this Picture Perfect plate. No egg pie for now maybe tomorrow. I know I had posted an article about native dessert, so folks, I hope you can check it here…It’s really awesome. Just keep eating and keep reading guys!

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