Monday, July 29, 2013

Puppy Love (Hachico, Spike, George and Perez) :)

 These are Perez (the white, black and brown colors puppy, he's a Shih Tzu crossbreed Japanese Spitz), Spike "Spikey Chowder" (he's a Chow Golden puppy crossbreed by Golden Retriever), and George (the brown one, another Shih Tzu crossbreed Golden Retriever and Japanese Spitz--he also looks like a chihuahua). Picture Perfect moments for these three cute and adorable puppies.

 This white cute puppy is kinda lazy but definitely can bring joy to a family, Spike is the second puppy we have--the first one is Hachico. You can check her on my article: "The New Addition to the Family".

 This is Perez, he's the smallest of them all and the quite one. He's very cute and adorable too. I love carrying him. So, behaved and cuddly.

 This is George, he's a bit energetic and playful. We named him after George Clooney and of course William and Kate's son George Alexander Louis. We actually named him before we knew it was their son's name but it's okay if people will think that way. No worries about that, since this is dedicated to these puppies--I think they deserved to be treated like special.

 We tried everything we could to take some great photos but we had a hard time putting them together at once. Maybe they look so cute but actually they already want to freak out. Oh well, still they are so awesome and Picture Perfect cuteness. I'm just happy looking at them everyday and of course caressing them.

 They are like my angels in disguise. Just look at them! I feel like I want to hug them forever!

 And I think Hachico wants to hug them too, look at her! She always look after them, she's adorable too. I feel like she's the big sister of the three cute new puppies. She's very disciplined, reliable and protective dog, I guess every German Shepherd really have that kind of attitude in their blood. I'm so proud of her that's why I love her with all my heart.

Until next time folks!
Always remember, "Love your pets as your own"--it really feels good for sure!

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