Friday, July 26, 2013

Spike the Cute White Golden Retriever Puppy

The New Addition to the family is Spikey Chowder, he is a White Golden Retriever. He's the second dog that we have because the first one is Hachico Chikay, she is the combination of Jack Russell and White German Shepherd the smaller version. These two cute doggy are the center of joy and happiness to the family. 

He is so cute and cuddly! Awesomely Picture Perfect!

Having that blue eyes and licky tongue--oh common! He is so sweet!

Hachico is bigger and energetic while Spike is the smaller and the lazy one. They are both cute and lovable.
At first, they don’t approached at each other—but with a little push they're okay I guess.

Because Hachico is a breed of White German Shepherd, she loves to play and to run around house. She even wants to play with Spike, the chow golden retriever.

But since this little Spikey is lazy, he got angry because he wants to sleep--oh jeez!

But Hachico is always a little pushy to have fun, oh well, that's just how it goes to have a happy and messy puppy life.

So, folks until next time...Happy reading and happy pup-ing! :)

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