Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tacos and Nachos, What could be greater than all of this?

Everyday could be amazing if you can eat —Tacos and cassava chips ala nachos. It could be Mexican food but Filipino, especially me really loved it. I love it because it is healthy and really delicious, the combination of meat and fruits with some veggies are really great. You can feel your tummy full but the good thing is you can still get fit all the way. Maybe you’re thinking how it can be healthy? The original tacos and nachos were mostly contained cheese, so it’s greasy and fatty. But since, we put some twist on it—we make sure it’s healthy.

One afternoon, while my sister and I were eating and we talked about avocado on how we can make something to eat out of it. And so, we made sweetened avocado then we ate it and since there lots of it left we realized to make tacos and nachos.


Tacos consist of lean ground beef and bacon, onion, tomato, avocado, mango, cabbage, cucumber with ketchup and mayonnaise. It's definitely delicious and healthy—the variety of it could be home-made but the quality and taste really proved amazing. Truly Filipino twist but world class taste.

And finally, we have nachos. We used cassava chips instead of chips that made out of corn, besides cassava is well known here in the Philippines as native fruits/vegetables. Mostly, we used the ingredients of tacos to this nachos and you know what both dish were truly amazingly delicious. We actually had it for dinner, so we don’t need to eat rice because we were still full and solved.

Anyway, folks I hope you enjoy my story of a great creation with these Picture Perfect photos, until next time—just keep reading and keep inspiring, thanks!

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