Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Voyage to find yourself and to find Love

Picture Perfect sleepers for those who love fun and adventure”.  
No highest mountain—that you cannot reach, no farthest river—that you cannot  visit, no deep ocean—that you cannot swim,  no Treasure Island—only love of a lifetime with an Island girl who cannot swim.

I am ready to come with you,
You taught me to embrace the beauty of this world;
You show me the meaning of life,
And live it with fun and adventure;

I know I am safe with you,
You let me discover how amazing our world;
You believed in me and taught me how to fight
We both learned to appreciate nature;

I don’t usually wander around,
But you guide me through,
I even learned to love;

Now I can be myself when you’re around,
I can do what I do,
Whenever high and low or to reach up above;

This world plus me and you,
I wanna grow old with you;

I feel love and respect,
I can give my whole life with you and never expect;

I will wait forever,
Things can change but my heart will never;

Because all I know in this world is God gave me you,
I trust what I feel because it is true.

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