Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Do I do with My Social Networks?

Why we need to have a social network? Why are we interested in social media? How can we handle multitasking? What are the things we need to do in order to be in or to complete our day that involves social media? When was the last time you used an internet? In WWW, where do you usually go or what are the links you usually visit? Do you used your real identity or play it safe?  Now a day, do you think you can live without social media?

I literally asked myself these questions just to find out why I am here in the first place. Honestly, this net-world is a big part of my life—super big! Not because I’m not friendly in real life but because it changed my whole life and widens my knowledge about the world—the good and bad side of it and also challenged my beliefs but not as bad as it sound. It’s just that opening your eyes and understanding your surrounding is not easy, but if you need to know stuff definitely, you will forced yourself to understand things and let everything be what it is if what it is. I learned to stick with who and what I am and at the same time I learned to appreciate others to who they are.

They said, “Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are”, sorry but honestly, I never and will never believe on that. Every person in the world is different—you and your family (your parents, siblings, relatives, cousins, niece and nephew, etc), you and your friends, you and your neighbors or you and your lover. Sometimes, there are things you can relate with each other that’s why there’s chemistry that bonds you with them but doesn’t mean you are exactly the same. So, I look at myself with the rest of the world as different individual that sometimes have the same perspective, imagination, dreams, goals and hobbies. That’s why we’re here in World Wide Web, doing what we do to make us the person that we want to be—having Picture Perfect moments of our God given life.

So, when it comes to social networks the following must probably be one of our addictions. Well, at least we are addicted to something—I don’t know maybe amazing, awesome, fun, cool, enjoyable, happy and crazy thing that’s making our life a bit boring-Less and you judge for yourself folks!

Facebook—I used it for family and friends, whenever I want to share photos and I write what I think of right here in simplest way. I treasure fb because for me, it is my photo album.

Twitter—I used this account to find new followers as friends and to follow those I admire in the industry. I also, share photos and some thoughts here.

Yahoo & Messenger—I used it for communication and information, I love sending messages to my loved one abroad and using ym helps me to be creative and sweet.

Skype—I used it for sending messages and video-calling to my loved one abroad and it helps to stay connected whenever there are emergencies or just to get updated to him.

Youtube—I used it for watching interesting and enjoyable stuff like videos that inspires me, also I share my own videos or anything that I think people might like to watch. And it’s amazing, I’m just totally happy about youtube—it’s a total entertainment.

And finally, blogger—I used it to express my thoughts in a widest and imaginative way as possible as I can and of course I share #Awesome and #PicturePerfect moments here. 

Sometimes, writing something make us feel so good because even if  we’re not talking to someone in person we know there is someone’s listening—I mean reading of what you want to say/of what I wanna say. I never meant to be a blogger or photographer, but there’s someone helps me to find myself - it's Greg. I know it’s kinda weird but it’s true. I’m no good in English but I still write some letters, articles, poem or even lyrics to express my heart and soul, my dreams from the past and to the future, my wishful thinking about love to become reality and my life (I prefer to separate my personal and my not too personal stuff on my blog).

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