Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Need To Know ( Assurance for Love, when In Love, if you want some Love )

Picture Perfect flowers for those in love!

There are times I keep thinking
If ever you believe about love;
Just got interested
Like I don't want my life be wasted.

Baby, please tell me that you want me
Tell me that you really care for me,
'Cause I need to know, yes!
I need to know you do.

There are days I keep wondering
If ever you feel some love;
Nobody cares but me
'Cause I want you to be with me.

Honey, please tell me that you need me
Tell me how much I means to you,
'Cause I need to know, yea!
I need to know you do.

My life's been good and simple,
When you came it changed a bit;
You add some meaning and
I get lots of thinking
On how you and me
Will be together;
To have the kind of love that lasts forever, 
For the better.

Honey, please tell me that you love me
Tell me now, oh baby!
I just need to know you really do,
Because I truly love you, only you!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Easy and Delicious Comfort Food

These past 2 weeks, the entire Philippines had suffer from heavy typhoon Maring that resulted to floods and hunger. Some people lost their loved ones, most children starved to death and the others lost their home. In a midst of  crisis--people might be lost their hope but never lost their faith to God. There's always a helping hand and caring for everyone. So, as a tribute to those strong spirits and flaming souls--I salute you! And this moment is for you all.

Hunger is everywhere whether be there's a crisis or it because of poverty. But some people don't know that eating simple but delicious food is easy to afford if you know the key to budget your resources. If there are happenings in life that strikes on us that weakens our knees--it doesn't mean it's over. There's always an option (well, you need to eat so your knees will not gonna get weak--lol) but seriously when it comes to food we always have an option to eat the way we wanted or should be. Simple stuff that gives a lot! :)

 First stop is the Macaroni soup, saucy, tasty and soft. This is one of my favorite comfort food, especially when it rained. Hot soup is the best and really can full a tummy. No one will be hungry if you can made this and the most awesome thing about this is that it can last from 2 to 3 days just put it in a fridge. It's easy to make because the ingredients are so simple. Macaroni, 1 piece carrots, 1 to 2 pieces hot dog, 1/4 part of cabbage, milk, onion and garlic or if you want and you have the budget you can add chicken. You can cook it for about an hour and you can smell it delicious because you can't lie in your nose.

Shanghai Roll is easy to make, you can use ground beef or ground pork with some small slices of veggies. You don't have to put big portion on a wrapper, you can put just a little to it just enough to have a filling then roll it. And you can make a calamansi/lime and soy sauce for a dipping and it's awesome already no need to sweat to much.

The great partner for Shanghai roll is the Mushroom and Crab soup because it added the flavor and aroma to the food that you can enjoy it a lot better(put some egg if you like but not needed). Also, it takes away the boring part or mood in eating because sometimes we eat dry but with this soup it's impossible to happen again. Another awesome part if it's with rice to surely feel your tummy is full enough to last the day. There is a ready-made powder pack of mushroom and crab soup that you can buy at any grocery store in a cheap and affordable price. It only means you don't need to spend a lot to have a great food because its just there, you only need to focus your radar and be creative in a not expensive stuff.

Again folks, thanks for visiting and reading my Picture Perfect stuff here. And to those who pray for the Philippines, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Come again next time and please do share your things, happenings in life and any stuff that matters to you...I'll be glad to know you! Lots of love--Liz :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crispy and Hot: Fried Pork

 Crispy and hot is the best described for this amazing but simple dish. You can call it fried pork and I want to call it porky yummy. It's not an ordinary pork that usually with tofu because this one was hot or should I say sizzling hot. At first, when I had a bite to it I never knew it was hot until I felt it when it was already crushing it in my mouth. My eyes got wide open for about a second or two because of the kicked but I am proud to say, "I handled it big time" and that's me being boastful. Pardon me, but I'm really a big fan of hot food or anything that has chilli, pepper but not wasabi.

So, it's Picture Perfect time and here goes my favorite photos...

I hope you guys enjoy it! Until next time...
Happy reading and happy blogging! :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sticky and Yummy Native Dessert plus Milky Refreshment

The "Food for today" is what I called "too sticky but too yummy", that's how I describe this native dessert from the Philippines. One of my favorite and surely people from another part of the world will gonna like it if they will not gonna love it.

Dark brown sticky rice or suman is sweet and traditionally served in different occasions like Christmas, New Year, birthday, get-together, etc. in the Philippines. You can also serve it for an ordinary day because it is  a great replacement for any kind of snacks. One slice of this delicacy can filled your tummy.

The orange one is kutsinta, another sticky native dessert that's made from sticky rice. It's a bit sweet and chewy also good for dessert or snack time.

Sweet ube, the purple one can be use in a halo-halo as toppings is another part of this dessert plate that give an awesome amount of goodness. Rich in flavor, compressed and heavy dessert that can filled a tummy for only three to four bites.

Last but not the list was the palitaw, another product of sticky rice but this one was a bit light and thinner than suman or kutsinta.  All of these great goodies were sprinkled by shredded coconut and sugar to add more taste and sweetness.

And to finish them all, we have a buko or coconut milk juice to lessen the feeling of being thirsty after eating this sticky and yummy dessert.

This is the example of simple but Picture Perfect moment of snack time in the Philippines. Have a great day folks, where ever you are in the world! Happy reading guys! :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crunchy and Saucy: Home-made Tempura and Salmon Belly in a Misu Soup

There are some opposite combinations in almost anything. Like hot and cold, black and white, spoon and fork, up and down, right and left, chair and table or fried and soup (can be crunchy and saucy). Fried and soup have something to do with what I'm going to share to you right now. You see--I'm always sharing stuff and mostly about food because it's interesting and fun, especially if there are some colorful pictures with it. Like what they say, when you started capturing something and you find it fun and exciting you become addicted to it. And yes, I am!

So, to start of I have here this home-made tempura made by my sister. We all know that a shrimp or lobster as a seafood has a lot of health benefits aside from being one of the delicious and interesting sea foods' to eat. It's probably the most consumed seafood on Earth, I proclaimed. Tempura usually made up of--of course shrimp, dip in an egg plus flour or most of the time we use bread crumbs to make it crispier outside and tender in the inside. To make a crispy tempura we only have less than a minute to fry and make it happen, it's so easy. We can make a dip from ketchup to mayonnaise or any home-made sauce we want then our day is complete and worry free to think what's to cook that could be delicious.

Next stop is this Picture Perfect salmon belly in a misu soup that I'm telling you one of my favorite dish ever. First, because salmon is my favorite seafood; second, misu soup taste amazing (it's like you're entering in a battlefield but when you get there it happens to be a garden full of roses) and third, well I just loved it ever since I have tasted it and my feeling for those moments never change.

I have here my tempura, salmon in misu and rice--it only means, it was Picture Perfect and yummy perfect.

If you're lucky enough you can have a three different parts of your meal (appetizer, main course and dessert) but an ordinary person can be happy with a main course beside still is a blessing from God.
So, folks as I'm always saying -- keep on reading and keep on eating! Well, because there are many things that are really interesting. Lots of love guys and thanks for stopping by, until next time! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Full of Awesomeness: Twisted Beef Stew

 This is my sister's new version of a beef stew (I called it twisted beef stew). 

When I saw the whole plate, one thing comes in my mind—“crazy goodness”. It looks like a Chinese or Japanese meal that you can use a chopsticks minus noodles. Usually, when we say beef stew the chop of every ingredient should be square or at least bigger than this but you know my sister, she always do whatever she thinks. And this time, I can say it did work—big time. The whole plate was really inviting, the aroma was awesome and the combination of ingredients was unexpected. She used the tender slices of beef usually use for a steak, she changed the slices of carrots and bell pepper into little strips, and shredded and chopped slices of onion and garlic and then she added small corn, banana flower and lastly, she used pork and beans in can with some spices. Honestly, it tasted really good. A little bit sweet but just right because it didn’t over power the original flavor but instead it helps it to become even more interesting.

It’s kinda healthy, flavorful and tasty dish for me. The thing is—it’s the kind of dish that doesn’t really give a boring moment because every ingredients and flavors compliments each other. Eating this one was an amazing experienced. Actually, my niece and nephew loved it too. It was the first time they didn’t talked too much while eating. It means that the dish was really good because those kids that don’t really pay attention to a meal time changed their ways. It was like the only thing they want to do is to finish their plate.  

You know sometimes when you change the way you cook your dish it becomes more interesting to eat. 

And I totally loved it because I can always have interesting things to tell you and of course, a Picture Perfect photos to share. So, guys always keep on reading and keep on thinking because you might think of interesting things in your life too…and please share it…until next time…have a nice day!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cold and Bold: Buko Pandan Salad

Totally a Mouth-Watering Dessert

Buko Pandan Salad, sweet and creamy good for snack or dessert meal after meal. “What I loved about this salad?” is the lightly fresh flavor. I’m not saying it because it’s green but with the ingredients and how you should prepare it makes it lightly fresh. Buko Pandan should be sweet (but for me not too sweet, only lightly sweet) because it’s dessert and should be cold so it must be served from the freezer.

 Picture Perfect Buko Pandan Salad

The buko or the coconut fruit that we used in this salad was not old and hard or the one we used to get a coconut milk. We picked the young one that was a little bit soft and easy to chew. Then, we used kaong or the immature fruit of the Palm tree, made into canned fruits after boiling them in sugar syrup that adds the flavor and texture because it’s a bit chewy and sweet. And the gulaman or the jellies, made from dried seaweeds with of course the color green. We also added some sweetened ingredients and Pandan—it’s a plant that gives an awesome smell and flavor for the food.

The whole dessert was an amazing treat for every occasion and also for an ordinary day to make it a bit special. I hope you guys will gonna try it sometimes. Because we will, definitely! My sister actually said that she will gonna make again in her husband’s birthday. So, if it does gonna happen, I will share it to you again. Let’s see if there’s a new twist on it like new ingredients or new flavors. So, folks see you again next time and happy reading!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Healthy Treat: Mixed Veggies Guisado

Every day we make sure to create something healthy and delicious meal for our family. Honestly, it’s really the priority of each and every one of us when we have already our own life with someone we loved and of course with kids. Our kids become our biggest inspiration why we want them to be healthy and safe; we only want them to have the best as much as possible. My mom and my sisters—I know them for so long and I know they already have the “heart of gold” because they are in a situation where they feel of having a loving family that they want to protect and take care of, especially my mom and dad, they might be fighting most of the time but I know deep in their heart they want to do everything only for me and my siblings. Through better or worse, I saw it and still seeing their dedication for the family.

I may be not living with my parents but I still see them once in a while and I’m happy and contented that they can relax a bit. Right now, I’m with my sister in the city. She has a family of her own but she welcomed me to stay with her. She taught me so many things and I truly appreciate it. Especially, about cooking and about food—you know me “I’m a food lover”; it’s one of the reasons why I loved photography because it’s one of my inspirations. Well, when it comes to food if I need to choose between cooking and eating definitely, I will choose eating. I know most of us do because there’s no pressure on it. Seriously, I really do loved eating—like tasting different flavors, enjoying sweets, mixing drinks, and a lot more.

When I see food whether my sister cooked it or in restaurants, I’m always wishing to have a great time and Picture Perfect moments. You know what they say, when you eat delicious food like maybe simple but flavorful it’s like you’re eating in a restaurant. It’s so much worthy.

Like what I wanna show you right now, totally delicious, totally healthy, totally amazing and totally awesome for every day meal or even a part of your meal once in a while. Either way, I’m still proud of this dish because it’s kids’ friendly meal and has first class nutritious vegetables.

Look at this plate: very colorful, very inviting and yet amazingly healthy. The flavors are just right, the veggies cooked properly and you can eat it with rice, bread or even as a snack. Awesome right? When kids will gonna see this, it’s so impossible that their appetite will not gonna go crazy. It’s only in a matter of understanding and making your kids to understand what’s the important of eating vegetables and not letting them to decide for themselves even if they don’t know yet what to do or to eat. I mean, you can let those kids enjoy everything like eating sweet chocolate, candy, ice cream or anything but put in your priority the good stuff like veggies.


Of course, to make it more enjoyable add some fish on your meal. Vegetables plus fish is totally healthy and yummy dish. This is one is a fish fillet coated in a breeding mix. When you look at it it’s like a chicken and kids love chicken. It’s like their first favorite in all food but this one they will get it wrong. Probably, before they already finished eating they will not gonna find out its fish fillet. Well, you’re not gonna lie to them but let them ask you some questions after eating. Then they gonna learn that the taste of fish is not horrible as they think.

Just look at this dish, just amazing for those who can see it. When my niece and nephew saw it on a table they say, “Wow, sarap!” it means, “Wow, delicious!”

These are the healthy ingredients: broccoli, baby corn, green pepper, carrots, onion leaves and kintsay plus pork meat (we will only gonna add the meat and leave the fat of it) because we want it to be very healthy dish.

Also, with onion and garlic to add more flavor to it.

Last but not the list, the Spinach tagged as the "World's Healthiest Vegetables".

So folks, try this one in your healthy meal every day. Make some twist or stick with a guisado way...but don't forget to keep reading and keep eating...Have a great day, until next time guys! :)