Thursday, August 8, 2013

Childhood Comfort Food: Sardines with Egg

When I was a little girl, I was living in a small town on a country side or we used to call rural area. We lived simple and old fashioned life. Every day was like a déjà vu; whatever happened yesterday it’s just gonna happen today. The cycle of life back then was very slow but less pressure and messy. 

Same thing about food, we loved to eat simple, fast and easy to cook dish. Most food that I grew up eating was like comfort food. We have these rainy days comfort food, summer time favorite snacks, native desserts and so much more. And one of my favorite was sardines with egg or should I say my favorite childhood comfort food until now is sardines with egg. Yes, I may be experienced to taste lots of different food but my old time favorite is still my favorite until now. It’s like the memories I have when I was little will always be cherish my whole life and it's always in my heart and in my mind like a Picture Perfect. That’s how I treated every little good thing in my life and the reason why I wanna share it because it’s easy to make.

First, get 1 can of sardines and 1 egg, then place it in a pan and mix it. After one minute or two when you see it’s boiling add some salt and pepper, then served. Sometimes, you can add some onions, garlic and tomato to make some great twist on this simple dish but if you want it very fast you don’t need to add anything—just put it in a bread then eat.

It is very easy right? ‘Cause that’s exactly what I did to this lovely pandesal (warm small bread with very delicious smell that usually serve every morning in every bakery shop around Philippines and it’s like a tradition but it’s not)—I put sardines and egg as a fillings on this bread then I ate it. 

It’s always a good time—very good as a morning meal if you’re not fan of rice or meat or oat. Wanna try it sometimes? Well, I hope so! Who knows? Maybe as you eating this one, it can give great memories with your loved one. So, please always happy eating and happy reading…you guys are amazing!

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