Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crispy and Hot: Fried Pork

 Crispy and hot is the best described for this amazing but simple dish. You can call it fried pork and I want to call it porky yummy. It's not an ordinary pork that usually with tofu because this one was hot or should I say sizzling hot. At first, when I had a bite to it I never knew it was hot until I felt it when it was already crushing it in my mouth. My eyes got wide open for about a second or two because of the kicked but I am proud to say, "I handled it big time" and that's me being boastful. Pardon me, but I'm really a big fan of hot food or anything that has chilli, pepper but not wasabi.

So, it's Picture Perfect time and here goes my favorite photos...

I hope you guys enjoy it! Until next time...
Happy reading and happy blogging! :)

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