Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crunchy and Saucy: Home-made Tempura and Salmon Belly in a Misu Soup

There are some opposite combinations in almost anything. Like hot and cold, black and white, spoon and fork, up and down, right and left, chair and table or fried and soup (can be crunchy and saucy). Fried and soup have something to do with what I'm going to share to you right now. You see--I'm always sharing stuff and mostly about food because it's interesting and fun, especially if there are some colorful pictures with it. Like what they say, when you started capturing something and you find it fun and exciting you become addicted to it. And yes, I am!

So, to start of I have here this home-made tempura made by my sister. We all know that a shrimp or lobster as a seafood has a lot of health benefits aside from being one of the delicious and interesting sea foods' to eat. It's probably the most consumed seafood on Earth, I proclaimed. Tempura usually made up of--of course shrimp, dip in an egg plus flour or most of the time we use bread crumbs to make it crispier outside and tender in the inside. To make a crispy tempura we only have less than a minute to fry and make it happen, it's so easy. We can make a dip from ketchup to mayonnaise or any home-made sauce we want then our day is complete and worry free to think what's to cook that could be delicious.

Next stop is this Picture Perfect salmon belly in a misu soup that I'm telling you one of my favorite dish ever. First, because salmon is my favorite seafood; second, misu soup taste amazing (it's like you're entering in a battlefield but when you get there it happens to be a garden full of roses) and third, well I just loved it ever since I have tasted it and my feeling for those moments never change.

I have here my tempura, salmon in misu and rice--it only means, it was Picture Perfect and yummy perfect.

If you're lucky enough you can have a three different parts of your meal (appetizer, main course and dessert) but an ordinary person can be happy with a main course beside still is a blessing from God.
So, folks as I'm always saying -- keep on reading and keep on eating! Well, because there are many things that are really interesting. Lots of love guys and thanks for stopping by, until next time! :)

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