Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dining Out in a Classic Way

"Live life to fullest by sharing it with others", it's the famous tagline I cherish.

Since I learned to appreciate living life to the fullest which is not too long ago I started to share most of the details here but not the very personal stuff that don't really matter. Like some of the places where I've been and my favorite spot, some great food from home to town to restaurants and malls, every great happenings that I loved, some pets that dear to me, the beautiful flowers I saw on the street, the poem I wrote or the sketch I drew and even the small things that captured my attention. Those moments where I get the Picture Perfect I share—it’s all in here. This moment of my life where I share and tell a story is one of the most important journeys I have in my life so far. And I'm just glad that some people can read it and even can relate to what I've been saying and maybe you can learn a bit from it but most of all—thank you for those who really appreciate everything you see here. :)

And now, the following stuff will definitely gonna give your appetite a great boost as much as it did to me. It’s pretty awesome because this meal came from signature dish of a great restaurant in the Metro. So, allow me to enhance your imagination with this great, Picture Perfect and amazingly delicious food. 

 Yes, this is the great Classic Savory. I've seen lots of this in every mall and I don't know why we just tried it last two weeks ago. I never thought that it's gonna be one of the amazing experience to me and I'm just glad with everything. It's really good job to them.

First, they served us this mushroom soup. It's light and a bit tasty but not too much creamy—just the right stuff. You will never gonna feel so full in your stomach, just enough while waiting for the main course.

Next on the list right after we tasted the soup, their signature "pancit canton" style came in out of the kitchen. The flavor really got me, it was so delicious and as I was chewing the food it almost dance on my mouth. I've never tasted anything like it before and I am very please! I mean it taste something beyond my expectation.

This chicken was so tender and not over-cooked. I loved the aroma because it was very inviting although it's not a sexy dish but it really aroused me. I mean it gave me a happy time of eating not in any kind of way but the flavor really exploded in every bite. I'm wondering what kind of sauce or secret ingredients that they put because it really works. Plus the pairing was good with boiled banana--traditional and feast.

 A happy table has a happy people who eat great food. And here we are when we were enjoying our meal. 

So, folks always be happy and eat great and awesome food everyday. It maybe cook at home or restaurants but you know if it's good or not so be careful, until next time guys and thanks for reading... :)

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