Thursday, August 29, 2013

Easy and Delicious Comfort Food

These past 2 weeks, the entire Philippines had suffer from heavy typhoon Maring that resulted to floods and hunger. Some people lost their loved ones, most children starved to death and the others lost their home. In a midst of  crisis--people might be lost their hope but never lost their faith to God. There's always a helping hand and caring for everyone. So, as a tribute to those strong spirits and flaming souls--I salute you! And this moment is for you all.

Hunger is everywhere whether be there's a crisis or it because of poverty. But some people don't know that eating simple but delicious food is easy to afford if you know the key to budget your resources. If there are happenings in life that strikes on us that weakens our knees--it doesn't mean it's over. There's always an option (well, you need to eat so your knees will not gonna get weak--lol) but seriously when it comes to food we always have an option to eat the way we wanted or should be. Simple stuff that gives a lot! :)

 First stop is the Macaroni soup, saucy, tasty and soft. This is one of my favorite comfort food, especially when it rained. Hot soup is the best and really can full a tummy. No one will be hungry if you can made this and the most awesome thing about this is that it can last from 2 to 3 days just put it in a fridge. It's easy to make because the ingredients are so simple. Macaroni, 1 piece carrots, 1 to 2 pieces hot dog, 1/4 part of cabbage, milk, onion and garlic or if you want and you have the budget you can add chicken. You can cook it for about an hour and you can smell it delicious because you can't lie in your nose.

Shanghai Roll is easy to make, you can use ground beef or ground pork with some small slices of veggies. You don't have to put big portion on a wrapper, you can put just a little to it just enough to have a filling then roll it. And you can make a calamansi/lime and soy sauce for a dipping and it's awesome already no need to sweat to much.

The great partner for Shanghai roll is the Mushroom and Crab soup because it added the flavor and aroma to the food that you can enjoy it a lot better(put some egg if you like but not needed). Also, it takes away the boring part or mood in eating because sometimes we eat dry but with this soup it's impossible to happen again. Another awesome part if it's with rice to surely feel your tummy is full enough to last the day. There is a ready-made powder pack of mushroom and crab soup that you can buy at any grocery store in a cheap and affordable price. It only means you don't need to spend a lot to have a great food because its just there, you only need to focus your radar and be creative in a not expensive stuff.

Again folks, thanks for visiting and reading my Picture Perfect stuff here. And to those who pray for the Philippines, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Come again next time and please do share your things, happenings in life and any stuff that matters to you...I'll be glad to know you! Lots of love--Liz :)

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