Monday, August 19, 2013

Full of Awesomeness: Twisted Beef Stew

 This is my sister's new version of a beef stew (I called it twisted beef stew). 

When I saw the whole plate, one thing comes in my mind—“crazy goodness”. It looks like a Chinese or Japanese meal that you can use a chopsticks minus noodles. Usually, when we say beef stew the chop of every ingredient should be square or at least bigger than this but you know my sister, she always do whatever she thinks. And this time, I can say it did work—big time. The whole plate was really inviting, the aroma was awesome and the combination of ingredients was unexpected. She used the tender slices of beef usually use for a steak, she changed the slices of carrots and bell pepper into little strips, and shredded and chopped slices of onion and garlic and then she added small corn, banana flower and lastly, she used pork and beans in can with some spices. Honestly, it tasted really good. A little bit sweet but just right because it didn’t over power the original flavor but instead it helps it to become even more interesting.

It’s kinda healthy, flavorful and tasty dish for me. The thing is—it’s the kind of dish that doesn’t really give a boring moment because every ingredients and flavors compliments each other. Eating this one was an amazing experienced. Actually, my niece and nephew loved it too. It was the first time they didn’t talked too much while eating. It means that the dish was really good because those kids that don’t really pay attention to a meal time changed their ways. It was like the only thing they want to do is to finish their plate.  

You know sometimes when you change the way you cook your dish it becomes more interesting to eat. 

And I totally loved it because I can always have interesting things to tell you and of course, a Picture Perfect photos to share. So, guys always keep on reading and keep on thinking because you might think of interesting things in your life too…and please share it…until next time…have a nice day!!!

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