Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Need To Know ( Assurance for Love, when In Love, if you want some Love )

Picture Perfect flowers for those in love!

There are times I keep thinking
If ever you believe about love;
Just got interested
Like I don't want my life be wasted.

Baby, please tell me that you want me
Tell me that you really care for me,
'Cause I need to know, yes!
I need to know you do.

There are days I keep wondering
If ever you feel some love;
Nobody cares but me
'Cause I want you to be with me.

Honey, please tell me that you need me
Tell me how much I means to you,
'Cause I need to know, yea!
I need to know you do.

My life's been good and simple,
When you came it changed a bit;
You add some meaning and
I get lots of thinking
On how you and me
Will be together;
To have the kind of love that lasts forever, 
For the better.

Honey, please tell me that you love me
Tell me now, oh baby!
I just need to know you really do,
Because I truly love you, only you!

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