Saturday, August 3, 2013

Korean Dessert meets Filipino-Italian Style of Snack

We've been going out these past few weekends, probably 4 to five times in 3 weekends. So, it means we've been discovering a lot of new food stations along the Metro. Most of our time we spent it at the Mall and I feel like I never been wandering for almost a decade--just kidding I mean for almost a year now. It felt like I'd been left out and stuck on an old fashion world--lol.

Anyway, as you see the picture above we've crossed on a food stall inside the food court and it was the Korean Special Ice cream and waffle. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Korean stuff like their music, series on TV or even to Korean stars but regardless of anything when it comes to food I'm always ready to eat as long as it's delicious and affordable. :)

Nope, we did not tried their waffle even if I want to because I saw the strawberry which is my favorite of all time but we did tried their special Ice cream and it's super sweet but delicious. I liked the fruits they put in there because it's a bit similar to halo-halo in Filipino dessert but with different twist. And since, we loved twist--we decided to bought some spaghetti plus meat ball veggies, macaroni salad and turon for a change and much cheaper than these Korean waffles. The combination is kinda weird but I thought it worked.

I actually ate this one, Ice cream on top, water melon on the sides and sweet monggobeans on the bottom. Very sweet but since you will not gonna eat this one everyday so I think that's okay once in a while. Although, I don't really like to eat very sweet stuff because its torture to your diet and taste buds.

I can say that eating the food that you always eat in every occasion or in every snack time will always be the best. But of course, embracing the latest and the newest stuff is not bad because sometimes it's always okay to be flexible in every change, especially when it comes to food. Who knows? Maybe it could be more fun and interesting in any other way that can make us happy.

And of course, in every moment we have--we could always have a Picture Perfect like this... :)

It's awesome right? So, folks always keep reading an interesting thing.... It could be any other stuff that you might gonna says what? :) Until next time!

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