Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Healthy Treat: Mixed Veggies Guisado

Every day we make sure to create something healthy and delicious meal for our family. Honestly, it’s really the priority of each and every one of us when we have already our own life with someone we loved and of course with kids. Our kids become our biggest inspiration why we want them to be healthy and safe; we only want them to have the best as much as possible. My mom and my sisters—I know them for so long and I know they already have the “heart of gold” because they are in a situation where they feel of having a loving family that they want to protect and take care of, especially my mom and dad, they might be fighting most of the time but I know deep in their heart they want to do everything only for me and my siblings. Through better or worse, I saw it and still seeing their dedication for the family.

I may be not living with my parents but I still see them once in a while and I’m happy and contented that they can relax a bit. Right now, I’m with my sister in the city. She has a family of her own but she welcomed me to stay with her. She taught me so many things and I truly appreciate it. Especially, about cooking and about food—you know me “I’m a food lover”; it’s one of the reasons why I loved photography because it’s one of my inspirations. Well, when it comes to food if I need to choose between cooking and eating definitely, I will choose eating. I know most of us do because there’s no pressure on it. Seriously, I really do loved eating—like tasting different flavors, enjoying sweets, mixing drinks, and a lot more.

When I see food whether my sister cooked it or in restaurants, I’m always wishing to have a great time and Picture Perfect moments. You know what they say, when you eat delicious food like maybe simple but flavorful it’s like you’re eating in a restaurant. It’s so much worthy.

Like what I wanna show you right now, totally delicious, totally healthy, totally amazing and totally awesome for every day meal or even a part of your meal once in a while. Either way, I’m still proud of this dish because it’s kids’ friendly meal and has first class nutritious vegetables.

Look at this plate: very colorful, very inviting and yet amazingly healthy. The flavors are just right, the veggies cooked properly and you can eat it with rice, bread or even as a snack. Awesome right? When kids will gonna see this, it’s so impossible that their appetite will not gonna go crazy. It’s only in a matter of understanding and making your kids to understand what’s the important of eating vegetables and not letting them to decide for themselves even if they don’t know yet what to do or to eat. I mean, you can let those kids enjoy everything like eating sweet chocolate, candy, ice cream or anything but put in your priority the good stuff like veggies.


Of course, to make it more enjoyable add some fish on your meal. Vegetables plus fish is totally healthy and yummy dish. This is one is a fish fillet coated in a breeding mix. When you look at it it’s like a chicken and kids love chicken. It’s like their first favorite in all food but this one they will get it wrong. Probably, before they already finished eating they will not gonna find out its fish fillet. Well, you’re not gonna lie to them but let them ask you some questions after eating. Then they gonna learn that the taste of fish is not horrible as they think.

Just look at this dish, just amazing for those who can see it. When my niece and nephew saw it on a table they say, “Wow, sarap!” it means, “Wow, delicious!”

These are the healthy ingredients: broccoli, baby corn, green pepper, carrots, onion leaves and kintsay plus pork meat (we will only gonna add the meat and leave the fat of it) because we want it to be very healthy dish.

Also, with onion and garlic to add more flavor to it.

Last but not the list, the Spinach tagged as the "World's Healthiest Vegetables".

So folks, try this one in your healthy meal every day. Make some twist or stick with a guisado way...but don't forget to keep reading and keep eating...Have a great day, until next time guys! :)

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