Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Simply Healthy: Fried Fish plus Some Veggies with Rice

This is another menu that I’m very proud of—simply and healthy one. In this dish you can find fried fish (very delicious and lots of protein), carrots (covered in a breeding mix and deep fried—this vegetables helps the eyesight), bell pepper (which contains vitamin C and beta carotene), asparagus (is great as a detox and anti-aging vegetable, and no surprise - an aphrodisiac, also a good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium) and Chinese cabbage (rich in vitamin A is essential for proper functioning of the immune system, improvement of vision and vitamin K plays a significant role in the coagulation of blood) and steamed broccoli (which we all know provides a high amount of vitamin C, which aids iron absorption in the body, prevents the development of cataracts, and also eases the symptoms of the common cold).

It’s very healthy and delicious meal that you might wanna try and yet very simple and easy to cook. Who knows that some veggies here like asparagus and Chinese cabbage contains such minerals that really help our body? Before we only eat broccoli, carrots and other healthy food that we know. But now we can add some vegetables on our list  that you might don't  know because they also contains great minerals that we didn’t knew before. Honestly, I’m excited about this dish and probably I will try it over and over again.

This is a Picture Perfect looking dish that will give you a healthy experience. Totally fresh, unexpected and yet easy to cook in everyday meal that’s been waiting for you to try and you can even make your own twist of making an exciting and interesting meal for your family.

In my plate I put 1 cup of rice—of course we don’t want too much of it because it’s not good, 1 slice of fried fish—I think it’s enough for me, 3 pieces of asparagus—I love asparagus but 3 is okay, 2 slices of carrots—I know the more, the healthier but I was not very hungry thank you, 2 small broccoli—we can actually eat lots of this because it’s very healthy but these two is fine and there is a cup of Chinese cabbage—it served as a soup and a garnish for this dish.

And this is the finished product. Rice in the center surrounded by these healthy vegetables and garnish by a Chinese cabbage soup that my sister created. The plating was very nice and very inviting that I almost say Picture Perfect. But not only have that because I ate it all and I can tell you that it was one of the best dish I ever tasted. You see it was simple but when you put the sauce everything fits perfect. Deliciously done folks and I mean it. Yes, said it!

So,until next time guys and thanks for reading and happy eating! :)

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