Friday, August 23, 2013

Sticky and Yummy Native Dessert plus Milky Refreshment

The "Food for today" is what I called "too sticky but too yummy", that's how I describe this native dessert from the Philippines. One of my favorite and surely people from another part of the world will gonna like it if they will not gonna love it.

Dark brown sticky rice or suman is sweet and traditionally served in different occasions like Christmas, New Year, birthday, get-together, etc. in the Philippines. You can also serve it for an ordinary day because it is  a great replacement for any kind of snacks. One slice of this delicacy can filled your tummy.

The orange one is kutsinta, another sticky native dessert that's made from sticky rice. It's a bit sweet and chewy also good for dessert or snack time.

Sweet ube, the purple one can be use in a halo-halo as toppings is another part of this dessert plate that give an awesome amount of goodness. Rich in flavor, compressed and heavy dessert that can filled a tummy for only three to four bites.

Last but not the list was the palitaw, another product of sticky rice but this one was a bit light and thinner than suman or kutsinta.  All of these great goodies were sprinkled by shredded coconut and sugar to add more taste and sweetness.

And to finish them all, we have a buko or coconut milk juice to lessen the feeling of being thirsty after eating this sticky and yummy dessert.

This is the example of simple but Picture Perfect moment of snack time in the Philippines. Have a great day folks, where ever you are in the world! Happy reading guys! :)

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