Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Emotional Sometimes

This is it again. Have you ever feel sometimes that your losing your trust and hope in your relationship but you don't want to loose your faith? Still hoping things will gonna be just fine and you and your loved one will gonna be together no matter what! I wanna think positive like, "True loves prevail" or "True love will lasts a lifetime" and if you feel in your whole body, soul, heart and mind or even through your bone that the person you love is really the one for you - like your destiny for ever and ever and for always--it will happen if you wait. Patience is the key with a little bit of trust but no nobody's perfect even we can have Picture Perfect. Everything in life, there's always challenge that brought us into our knees. Are we gonna stand up, hold on and fall back into love until love will find us? Or are we gonna cry for ever?

We all have our own answer but for now please enjoy my confusing poem. I guess, it's my answer to my own question. Have a great day guys, happy reading! :)

I'm tired of thinking
Where are you? Or what are you doing?

I'm done of asking
Pushing boundaries but still not working;

But I'm still waiting
For the moment to arrive and finally settling;

You know I love you,
You know I miss you,
But why I can't get what I wanted?
Baby, I want you!

Don't want to give up
I still believe on us
But my heart need to rest
Because you're taking me for granted.

I don't need to be your prioritize,
All I need is to be there by your side;
I'm trying to understand the situation,
But cannot find any connection;

Are you pushing me away?
Or you want me to runaway?
From you but I wouldn't 'cause
I believe, I am meant for you, just for you -- I really do!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sandwich Addiction

Picture Perfect Easy Home-made Sandwiches!

Everyone of us has an addiction. Sometimes bad, sometimes good and sometimes delicious--ugh! Haha, and one of my addictions is sandwich. It started last year when I made this cheesy and flavorful chicken dog sandwich. I got hooked up and I can't stop--kidding of course I can stop, when it's out of stocks of bread because we forgot to buy.
This one is mostly kid's favorite and adult too.

Last week, my addiction of sandwich came alive again. I told you my addiction didn't last longer when the ingredients is out of stocks--lol, anyway, because sandwich is very easy to make, I made the simplest sandwich but delicious. This one is just chicken hotdog and mayonnaise, you know I love using chicken hotdog because the taste is so much flavorful and creamy.

I sliced it into two because I wanna see the center of the chicken hotdog. It's fresh and very inviting to eat. I really did enjoyed it--very simple yet satisfying to eat. Whether you're in a hurry and you just need to fix anything to eat and leave, this one is the best to be on top of your list.

You can make this less than 8 minutes and you can eat this while walking on the street or in a cab because it's not that messy kind of sandwich. Plus, the bread that we used have small grains that rich in fiber. Only yummy goodness!

This sandwich was truly healthy and delicious. It composed of tomatoes, lettuce, chicken hotdog and some real chicken. If you want to eat real food but you're also a health conscious person this sandwich is really for you. Indulging yourself in a delectable is not that bad because your addiction can be healthy at the same time.

Look how beautiful this was--I cut it into two, so we can eat this easily and also we can see how delicious this ultimate sandwich. Very delightful to see, right?

This one was very luscious and savory sandwich. Some people they want their bread to heat up, so that they can have it a bit crispier and warm. Me too, I love it that way and this sandwich was one of those stuff. I put some veggies of course and my favorite chicken hotdog and some mayonnaise. Yum--mmmmmmmmmi!

Because it's so yummy, I made it not once but many times. It's just that I am truly addicted to sandwich, I cannot find any boring moments when I eat some of those. It's easy to make and simply delicious. As I eat it, bite every bite, it makes me want some more. I love the combination of these vegetables because it's fresh really good with meat.

Truly divine! I must say, it's also smell really great aside from looking so delicious. Well, judge it for yourself. Nom, nom nom!

 Last but not the least, this sandwich was hot and cold. Why hot and cold? Well, because I put some tuna spread on it (tuna and mayonnaise came from the fridge), plus the chicken hotdog came from the stove equals awesomeness and amazingly flavorful sandwich. Yummy! It's creamy and delicious that every kid, every family member will really appreciate and even your neighbor. Trust me!

So, folks thanks for stopping by and come again next time. Keep eating because it's addicting! :)

Lots love--Liz :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early Summer Swimwear

After some months and some inner re-assessment in life, I finally decided to add some fashion statements here. Basically, it's my style and everything I know is what I wanna share to you guys. Honestly, I don't consider myself as shopaholic and always trendy--I don't usually buy what's new. What I do is try to come-out on something old and make it new and trendy as  much as possible. Actually, I don't push too much when it comes to fashion because my philosophy in life is, "As long as I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing I'm okay with it". Admittedly, it don't work all the time but good thing is I always be able to handle it somehow.

Last night, I was thinking where to start? I have dress, shoes, make-up and all stuff but I realized--since we love vacation, why not swimwear? There are times in my life that I become conscious and I keep thinking how to look okay on a beach. If other people think how to look great, mine is just how to look okay. When I turned 25 years old, that's the time I fascinated to wear swim wear. Really odd right or should I say weird? Well, you know as I said "I'm not really trendy most of my life" because before I used to wore a short and shirt when we had swimming. But now, since I'm too old already I think it's about time to explore and try something new. Yes, I know--I'm a late bloomer! Well actually, I used to be shy, oh wait, super shy and when you're shy it always take away your confident but at least I came back to my senses now...oh jeez!

The following are my swim wear. Sorry guys but I'm not wearing these but still I wanna share to you my top picks and why I love to wear these tiny and colorful little pieces.

My personal favorite is this two-piece swim wear. It's tiny and very cute--it will show the whole potential of your body and you can have Picture Perfect shots. I love the print. I think it will suits to any types of skin tone.

This two-piece is a classic and usually team up with maong short. It will show your girly side because of the pink color. If you have a bigger breast this one is the best for you to wear because it has a big size cup. Definitely, you will feel comfortable, secure and sexy.

This swimsuit is stretchable and very lovely. If you wanna look a little bit fierce, you can wear this because once you go black you can never go back. It can fit to any types of body--skinny, petite, athletic or chubby because as I said it's stretchable and very comfortable. And black color helps our body to look smaller and thinner.

Last but not the least, this pink flowing swimsuit is a bit tricky. If you think it's kinda old fashion swimwear, you got it wrong. The looks of this swimsuit must be old but the design is a bit revealing and sexy. Once you wear it, definitely it will reveal the deal that will make you so attractive.

Okay, there you go...these are my top picks of swimwear that you might gonna love too.
Thanks folks for stopping by until next time....
Liz is here saying, " keep reading, keep swimming, keep swimming"! Lol... :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Healthy Seafood Guisado

If you're a food lover definitely there's a big chance that you can be a seafood lover too. Well, if you wanna ask me, why do I love seafood? Simple. Seafood is healthy. Not only that because with the right stuff it can be delicious too. Right? Yup!

There's a quick and simple way when it comes to cooking seafood. It's guisado or stew. It's the technique in cooking where we put all the ingredients together and let it boil to cook and then we can have a delicious dish with a sauce or soup.

This seafood guisado is composed of mussels, shrimp, some tomato, onion, some green veggie and spices. Yum already! Easy and delicious, worry free dish that can feed your family and friends.

This is the start of seafood paella family. The only connection of this dish to paella is the seafood stuff, so don't get confused folks. Until then, see you again next time for more Picture Perfect and delicious food. Moment by moment let's share and be amazed of what we can do and what we can create. Guys, happy cooking and happy reading! Thanks for stopping by... Love, Liz :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easy Sandwich

If the world before was easy and slow moving in every changes in society, now it's so much different. Fast-face, busy and traffic--whether at the city or in world wide web. Most of us wants the work done or else we will not gonna stop until it's done. We want fast--in our work, in our communication, in our internet, and in our way of life. Same thing in food; we want fast, delicious and worthy in our hard work. If we're too much busy and too much focus, sometimes we don't have time to fix something to eat and most of the time we neglected ourselves to be healthy.

So, I have here my own twist of sandwich that everyone can make that's really healthy and delicious. You can do this less than 10 minutes.

My Easy Sandwich is composed of bread, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken hotdog, chicken and green apple for Picture Perfect meryenda.

Here's how to make it step by step.....

Slice a tomato, get some fresh lettuce, and 1 green apple ( we will slice it later and not now because it will turn it dark easily ).

And then, prepare the chicken hotdog and chicken for filling. Get the sandwich bread and put some mayonnaise all over it then put the lettuce and tomatoes.

It will only take you 1 to 2 minutes in slicing the tomato and preparing the lettuce. Also 2 to 4 minutes in frying the chicken hotdog then slicing them and taking out the bones in boiled chicken thigh for additional filling of our sandwich.

After putting the lettuce and tomatoes we immediately add the chicken hotdog and chicken on top of it, because we don't want to waste any time in preparing. So, we have healthy veggies and delicious meat together. Definitely, the result will be amazing because of the balance ingredients.

My twist is adding some slices of green apple. Apple is rich in fiber and truly a healthy fruit. It's like we have appetizer and dessert on our morning meal sandwich. Awesome indeed!

After we put together all the ingredients -- we can slice our sandwich into two so it's easy to eat. In less than 10 minutes we have healthy sandwich...

Yumyum! Folks, thanks for dropping by and checking some good stuff here--until next time.

Liz is here saying: Happy reading and happy creating delicious and healthy snacks for your family and friends... :) Stay happy guys! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

100 Articles Anniversary Celebration: Thank You!

Liz Picture Perfect moments "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others,"  is a blog that tackles about almost anything matters to life.

1. Awesome and Exotic Pets (any usual and unusual pets and animals that seems interesting to share).

2. Flower Power (finding of any kind of beautiful and attractive flowers around town--whether it's natural or not it's all here).

3. Food and Drinks (the most popular stuff here--maybe because I'm a food lover and for sure lots of my readers too, I love tackling all about it).

4. Great Fruit (I love to write about fruits because adding it to our diet is so much important).

5. I write lyrics and poem is my label when I write something weird and interesting. Before I started a blog, facebook or any other social media that I am crazy about--once in my simple life, I've been crazy about writing weird things. Honestly, I wasn't very articulate and intelligent when it comes to writing. My grammar was not that good even until now but deep down inside of me I know that writing is one of my passion.

6. Inspirational Thoughts and Happening, sometimes in our life there are moments and memories that's unforgettable and happenings that make us happy, sad, mad or confused--we feel a lot of emotion that made us who we are. And when I remember mine and I feel it's worth sharing or maybe not still I will share it here.

7. Party Blogs this is the random stuff--maybe blog sharing and more.

8. Travel and Places (sometimes we became so much inspired because of the different places we've been, especially if there lots of amazing views and rich in culture. I want to make the most of everything and I want it to share to the world).

I have so much to do and so much to share and soon I will start and add some Fashion here because I want everything to come full circle. It's like a one-stop-shop for everybody to enjoy. Above it all, I want to thanks everyone that's visiting my blog and hoping that you became inspired and happy.

Like other people I'm also afraid that I might write something that no one can relate, not clear idea and wrong spelling or wrong grammar. My intention is not about being perfect because I am not. All I want is to share, to inspire, to learn, to create, and to be happy.

This blog is a part of me that's making me whole and letting me live life to the fullest. Everything I share I call it Picture Perfect because the happiness and memories in every pictures are truly perfect and delightful. You know the feeling of having a blast--that's what I feel most of the time--so awesome, so amazing, so great, so wonderful, so so emoticons--lol.

Seriously Folks, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Liz is here saying: "Happy reading because life is something we always creating". "Keep on smiling, so no more crying, look at your face--it's! Peace! :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Drew the View from the Window of Mary

My Picture Perfect special drawing, it was from a poster of a calendar, maybe a picture of painting. I called it Beyond Edelweiss.

When angel Gabriel visit Mama Mary, they talked near the window. I noticed the beautiful view outside the window -- one day I decided to draw it. Honestly, it's not the exact drawing of what's in the painting. My apology, because I am not really a good artist but I still did what I could and I'm happy about the outcome of my mini masterpiece, especially whenever I look at my drawing --it's like...awwww! amazing!--that's what I feel.

The exact date I drew it was 9/14/09, it was very long time ago but it feels like yesterday. I never thought it's 9/4/13 now.

Hey folks, I hope you like my stuff here and I really appreciate you stop by once in a while...'til next time and be safe... :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sweet and Sour with a Twist: Fish Fillet

One of the important things we do when we fry some fish is making a twist. Old, boring, dry fried fish is a no-no. Today we can always improve our cooking by making it more inviting and flavorful. Kids love fried fish fillet and we want them to eat veggies. By making a sweet and sour fried fish fillet we can make it happen. In a sweet and sour sauce, we can put some square thin slices of carrots and some bell pepper and because we used tomato sauce--surely it is healthy. One cool dish for hungry kids is gonna be awesome and refreshing.

And guys, thanks for stopping by and see you again next time for #Awesome  #Picture Perfect and interesting stuff. Happy -Ber month as September is finally here and have a great weekend! :) Lots of Love, Liz... :)