Tuesday, September 10, 2013

100 Articles Anniversary Celebration: Thank You!

Liz Picture Perfect moments "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others,"  is a blog that tackles about almost anything matters to life.

1. Awesome and Exotic Pets (any usual and unusual pets and animals that seems interesting to share).

2. Flower Power (finding of any kind of beautiful and attractive flowers around town--whether it's natural or not it's all here).

3. Food and Drinks (the most popular stuff here--maybe because I'm a food lover and for sure lots of my readers too, I love tackling all about it).

4. Great Fruit (I love to write about fruits because adding it to our diet is so much important).

5. I write lyrics and poem is my label when I write something weird and interesting. Before I started a blog, facebook or any other social media that I am crazy about--once in my simple life, I've been crazy about writing weird things. Honestly, I wasn't very articulate and intelligent when it comes to writing. My grammar was not that good even until now but deep down inside of me I know that writing is one of my passion.

6. Inspirational Thoughts and Happening, sometimes in our life there are moments and memories that's unforgettable and happenings that make us happy, sad, mad or confused--we feel a lot of emotion that made us who we are. And when I remember mine and I feel it's worth sharing or maybe not still I will share it here.

7. Party Blogs this is the random stuff--maybe blog sharing and more.

8. Travel and Places (sometimes we became so much inspired because of the different places we've been, especially if there lots of amazing views and rich in culture. I want to make the most of everything and I want it to share to the world).

I have so much to do and so much to share and soon I will start and add some Fashion here because I want everything to come full circle. It's like a one-stop-shop for everybody to enjoy. Above it all, I want to thanks everyone that's visiting my blog and hoping that you became inspired and happy.

Like other people I'm also afraid that I might write something that no one can relate, not clear idea and wrong spelling or wrong grammar. My intention is not about being perfect because I am not. All I want is to share, to inspire, to learn, to create, and to be happy.

This blog is a part of me that's making me whole and letting me live life to the fullest. Everything I share I call it Picture Perfect because the happiness and memories in every pictures are truly perfect and delightful. You know the feeling of having a blast--that's what I feel most of the time--so awesome, so amazing, so great, so wonderful, so so emoticons--lol.

Seriously Folks, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Liz is here saying: "Happy reading because life is something we always creating". "Keep on smiling, so no more crying, look at your face--it's falling....lol...hehehe! Peace! :)

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