Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early Summer Swimwear

After some months and some inner re-assessment in life, I finally decided to add some fashion statements here. Basically, it's my style and everything I know is what I wanna share to you guys. Honestly, I don't consider myself as shopaholic and always trendy--I don't usually buy what's new. What I do is try to come-out on something old and make it new and trendy as  much as possible. Actually, I don't push too much when it comes to fashion because my philosophy in life is, "As long as I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing I'm okay with it". Admittedly, it don't work all the time but good thing is I always be able to handle it somehow.

Last night, I was thinking where to start? I have dress, shoes, make-up and all stuff but I realized--since we love vacation, why not swimwear? There are times in my life that I become conscious and I keep thinking how to look okay on a beach. If other people think how to look great, mine is just how to look okay. When I turned 25 years old, that's the time I fascinated to wear swim wear. Really odd right or should I say weird? Well, you know as I said "I'm not really trendy most of my life" because before I used to wore a short and shirt when we had swimming. But now, since I'm too old already I think it's about time to explore and try something new. Yes, I know--I'm a late bloomer! Well actually, I used to be shy, oh wait, super shy and when you're shy it always take away your confident but at least I came back to my senses now...oh jeez!

The following are my swim wear. Sorry guys but I'm not wearing these but still I wanna share to you my top picks and why I love to wear these tiny and colorful little pieces.

My personal favorite is this two-piece swim wear. It's tiny and very cute--it will show the whole potential of your body and you can have Picture Perfect shots. I love the print. I think it will suits to any types of skin tone.

This two-piece is a classic and usually team up with maong short. It will show your girly side because of the pink color. If you have a bigger breast this one is the best for you to wear because it has a big size cup. Definitely, you will feel comfortable, secure and sexy.

This swimsuit is stretchable and very lovely. If you wanna look a little bit fierce, you can wear this because once you go black you can never go back. It can fit to any types of body--skinny, petite, athletic or chubby because as I said it's stretchable and very comfortable. And black color helps our body to look smaller and thinner.

Last but not the least, this pink flowing swimsuit is a bit tricky. If you think it's kinda old fashion swimwear, you got it wrong. The looks of this swimsuit must be old but the design is a bit revealing and sexy. Once you wear it, definitely it will reveal the deal that will make you so attractive.

Okay, there you go...these are my top picks of swimwear that you might gonna love too.
Thanks folks for stopping by until next time....
Liz is here saying, " keep reading, keep swimming, keep swimming"! Lol... :)

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