Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easy Sandwich

If the world before was easy and slow moving in every changes in society, now it's so much different. Fast-face, busy and traffic--whether at the city or in world wide web. Most of us wants the work done or else we will not gonna stop until it's done. We want fast--in our work, in our communication, in our internet, and in our way of life. Same thing in food; we want fast, delicious and worthy in our hard work. If we're too much busy and too much focus, sometimes we don't have time to fix something to eat and most of the time we neglected ourselves to be healthy.

So, I have here my own twist of sandwich that everyone can make that's really healthy and delicious. You can do this less than 10 minutes.

My Easy Sandwich is composed of bread, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken hotdog, chicken and green apple for Picture Perfect meryenda.

Here's how to make it step by step.....

Slice a tomato, get some fresh lettuce, and 1 green apple ( we will slice it later and not now because it will turn it dark easily ).

And then, prepare the chicken hotdog and chicken for filling. Get the sandwich bread and put some mayonnaise all over it then put the lettuce and tomatoes.

It will only take you 1 to 2 minutes in slicing the tomato and preparing the lettuce. Also 2 to 4 minutes in frying the chicken hotdog then slicing them and taking out the bones in boiled chicken thigh for additional filling of our sandwich.

After putting the lettuce and tomatoes we immediately add the chicken hotdog and chicken on top of it, because we don't want to waste any time in preparing. So, we have healthy veggies and delicious meat together. Definitely, the result will be amazing because of the balance ingredients.

My twist is adding some slices of green apple. Apple is rich in fiber and truly a healthy fruit. It's like we have appetizer and dessert on our morning meal sandwich. Awesome indeed!

After we put together all the ingredients -- we can slice our sandwich into two so it's easy to eat. In less than 10 minutes we have healthy sandwich...

Yumyum! Folks, thanks for dropping by and checking some good stuff here--until next time.

Liz is here saying: Happy reading and happy creating delicious and healthy snacks for your family and friends... :) Stay happy guys! :)

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