Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting Emotional Sometimes

This is it again. Have you ever feel sometimes that your losing your trust and hope in your relationship but you don't want to loose your faith? Still hoping things will gonna be just fine and you and your loved one will gonna be together no matter what! I wanna think positive like, "True loves prevail" or "True love will lasts a lifetime" and if you feel in your whole body, soul, heart and mind or even through your bone that the person you love is really the one for you - like your destiny for ever and ever and for always--it will happen if you wait. Patience is the key with a little bit of trust but no nobody's perfect even we can have Picture Perfect. Everything in life, there's always challenge that brought us into our knees. Are we gonna stand up, hold on and fall back into love until love will find us? Or are we gonna cry for ever?

We all have our own answer but for now please enjoy my confusing poem. I guess, it's my answer to my own question. Have a great day guys, happy reading! :)

I'm tired of thinking
Where are you? Or what are you doing?

I'm done of asking
Pushing boundaries but still not working;

But I'm still waiting
For the moment to arrive and finally settling;

You know I love you,
You know I miss you,
But why I can't get what I wanted?
Baby, I want you!

Don't want to give up
I still believe on us
But my heart need to rest
Because you're taking me for granted.

I don't need to be your prioritize,
All I need is to be there by your side;
I'm trying to understand the situation,
But cannot find any connection;

Are you pushing me away?
Or you want me to runaway?
From you but I wouldn't 'cause
I believe, I am meant for you, just for you -- I really do!

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