Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Healthy Seafood Guisado

If you're a food lover definitely there's a big chance that you can be a seafood lover too. Well, if you wanna ask me, why do I love seafood? Simple. Seafood is healthy. Not only that because with the right stuff it can be delicious too. Right? Yup!

There's a quick and simple way when it comes to cooking seafood. It's guisado or stew. It's the technique in cooking where we put all the ingredients together and let it boil to cook and then we can have a delicious dish with a sauce or soup.

This seafood guisado is composed of mussels, shrimp, some tomato, onion, some green veggie and spices. Yum already! Easy and delicious, worry free dish that can feed your family and friends.

This is the start of seafood paella family. The only connection of this dish to paella is the seafood stuff, so don't get confused folks. Until then, see you again next time for more Picture Perfect and delicious food. Moment by moment let's share and be amazed of what we can do and what we can create. Guys, happy cooking and happy reading! Thanks for stopping by... Love, Liz :)

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