Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Drew the View from the Window of Mary

My Picture Perfect special drawing, it was from a poster of a calendar, maybe a picture of painting. I called it Beyond Edelweiss.

When angel Gabriel visit Mama Mary, they talked near the window. I noticed the beautiful view outside the window -- one day I decided to draw it. Honestly, it's not the exact drawing of what's in the painting. My apology, because I am not really a good artist but I still did what I could and I'm happy about the outcome of my mini masterpiece, especially whenever I look at my drawing --it's like...awwww! amazing!--that's what I feel.

The exact date I drew it was 9/14/09, it was very long time ago but it feels like yesterday. I never thought it's 9/4/13 now.

Hey folks, I hope you like my stuff here and I really appreciate you stop by once in a while...'til next time and be safe... :)

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