Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sandwich Addiction

Picture Perfect Easy Home-made Sandwiches!

Everyone of us has an addiction. Sometimes bad, sometimes good and sometimes delicious--ugh! Haha, and one of my addictions is sandwich. It started last year when I made this cheesy and flavorful chicken dog sandwich. I got hooked up and I can't stop--kidding of course I can stop, when it's out of stocks of bread because we forgot to buy.
This one is mostly kid's favorite and adult too.

Last week, my addiction of sandwich came alive again. I told you my addiction didn't last longer when the ingredients is out of stocks--lol, anyway, because sandwich is very easy to make, I made the simplest sandwich but delicious. This one is just chicken hotdog and mayonnaise, you know I love using chicken hotdog because the taste is so much flavorful and creamy.

I sliced it into two because I wanna see the center of the chicken hotdog. It's fresh and very inviting to eat. I really did enjoyed it--very simple yet satisfying to eat. Whether you're in a hurry and you just need to fix anything to eat and leave, this one is the best to be on top of your list.

You can make this less than 8 minutes and you can eat this while walking on the street or in a cab because it's not that messy kind of sandwich. Plus, the bread that we used have small grains that rich in fiber. Only yummy goodness!

This sandwich was truly healthy and delicious. It composed of tomatoes, lettuce, chicken hotdog and some real chicken. If you want to eat real food but you're also a health conscious person this sandwich is really for you. Indulging yourself in a delectable is not that bad because your addiction can be healthy at the same time.

Look how beautiful this was--I cut it into two, so we can eat this easily and also we can see how delicious this ultimate sandwich. Very delightful to see, right?

This one was very luscious and savory sandwich. Some people they want their bread to heat up, so that they can have it a bit crispier and warm. Me too, I love it that way and this sandwich was one of those stuff. I put some veggies of course and my favorite chicken hotdog and some mayonnaise. Yum--mmmmmmmmmi!

Because it's so yummy, I made it not once but many times. It's just that I am truly addicted to sandwich, I cannot find any boring moments when I eat some of those. It's easy to make and simply delicious. As I eat it, bite every bite, it makes me want some more. I love the combination of these vegetables because it's fresh really good with meat.

Truly divine! I must say, it's also smell really great aside from looking so delicious. Well, judge it for yourself. Nom, nom nom!

 Last but not the least, this sandwich was hot and cold. Why hot and cold? Well, because I put some tuna spread on it (tuna and mayonnaise came from the fridge), plus the chicken hotdog came from the stove equals awesomeness and amazingly flavorful sandwich. Yummy! It's creamy and delicious that every kid, every family member will really appreciate and even your neighbor. Trust me!

So, folks thanks for stopping by and come again next time. Keep eating because it's addicting! :)

Lots love--Liz :)

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