Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Little George: Be Strong!

I'm in a middle of heartbreak--from losing hope but not losing my faith...
These past few days until now, I'm having this issue about my dog George. He is very ill, he's not eating and it's like in any moment he will gonna leave this world. But I still wish it will not gonna happen because it's gonna be a heartbreaking for everyone. I wanna believe that he will gonna survive and I'm still praying for his recovery. Honestly, I need a miracle this time from God!

I have so many speculation why he is in danger. Maybe someone poisoned him or maybe a virus or bacteria ruled his body or I don't really know! But what I know is I want him to be okay. My sister brought him already to the bet and they already gave him some vaccines and medicines. And my sister already giving him an injection for anti-bacteria or something and he need to take it for 7 days but I'm still worried because he don't have an appetite for food but at least he drink water once in a while. Still I don't get it. I want him to be normal again like before--he is very quick, he loves to jump, he is the fastest when it comes to eating their food, he loves pointing his nose in my skin, he is just so sweet. He loves looking at me (eye to eye) and when he does that even now that he is sick it really breaks my heart because I can't do anything for him. I don't know how to save him, I don't know if what we are doing is enough to make him feel better.

George situation is similar to my childhood story when I still had a dog named Kiko. He died in a strange circumstances but I don't want it to be the same with George. I don't want history to repeat itself. It so unfair and it's not right! I know George is hurting everyday, I want it to stop but I don't want him to die. It's really hard to cope, especially, if you already love your dog. And every time I'm looking back to those memories that I am playing with my dog George, it always brought me to tears as well as I'm writing this...I know, I'm not supposed to cry because he's still there but I know he is in pain. I can see it in his eyes, he don't need to make any sound because in just one look--I already knew!

Right now, I just want to look at his Picture Perfect caption when he was still a little puppy. He is just adorable!

This face can really melt your stone heart--I have to say. He loves it when you put your hand on his head and just caress him. You will just smile as he close his ocean eyes and you'll gonna hug him for sure.

These are my 3 little angels. The New Addition to the family. And I want them to be there as long as they can because we are just starting to have fun as they grow up. They are my 3 Musketeers! So, George you should win this battle! Please, be strong my little George! Be strong and be okay!

As you can see, he is so behave and loves to sleep too! He can sleep anywhere and any time of the day but it's okay because I also love taking pictures of him!

Awww! So cute!

And of course, he loves cleaning his self! Or maybe he is just scratching the itchy part of his body by his teeth--YOU KNOW!

These four amazing dog and puppies are just awesome and love to play with each others. They may be different breeds but it doesn't matter because they love each other!

And I love George so much!

Folks, please help me to pray for his quick recovery! He is something that I couldn't afford to lose, yes he is a dog but he is still important and I want to still hug him and see him on my side. I still want to feed him on my hand (palm). And I still wanna see him play with other dogs and I still wanna touch his face everyday!

Guys, thanks for visiting my blog! It really means a lot to me! You know, sometimes I'm having issues and I can't write articles everyday for you and for my self but no matter what happen I will try to keep everything flow and share things that I know some people can relate or can learn from me and my experiences.

The sadness that I feel is really hard for me but I know things will gonna be just fine, I will just cross my fingers to that-----Liz is here saying, "I love George, I love Perez, I love Spike and I love Hachico.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Enjoying the Weekend with Tuna Crackers

One of my hobby is actually eating. Ha ha ha...I actually don't know if it's a hobby at all but anyway since I already shared my sandwich addiction--I have here my remedy if not a cure. Well, maybe it's not a cure at all but it's also enjoying and fun. Lately, my sister and I talked about replacing bread with something else for a change--yes we love sandwiches so much and we also love experimenting about food. The simple the better, much quicker but still yummier. 

And here's my take of tuna in a cracker, Picture Perfect or yummy perfect? :)

 First, prepare the cracker flakes to be available for some fillings.
Of course, we have tuna flakes, mayonnaise (plain white or with pickles, ham, bacon or any kind of small shredded meat is fine), and if you like you can also add some small slices of carrots to add more nutrients. And then mix it all together, so every portion is well balance with the ingredients.

Then spread the special tuna filling generously in every cracker flakes. And now, you can enjoy it one by one. It's kinda addicting I have to say. 
So, the thing here is that--my sandwich addiction didn't really cured but I just replaced it with tuna cracker addiction for a while. Well, no need to worry because it's both healthy and fun. 

Who could ever tell that addiction can be healthy and yummy? 
I bet this is one of those special snack that you should be trying and enjoying for the rest of your life. 
So folks, thanks for stopping by and see you again next time for another cute, delicious and maybe a little bit fun and interesting story of mine...Happy eating guys! :)--liz

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Steamed Chicken Thigh and Veggies Guisado

It feels like it's been so long and I have missed a lot of things here. Maybe I was gone for a couple of days but one thing for sure--the thing that I have been missing to share with you guys here is food.

These couple of months, me and my sister decided not to use some ready made seasoning because of MSG. In fact, there are lots of fresh seasoning available that sometimes we need to discover. More healthier that add lots of flavor and aroma to the food and my favorite is....tan tana nan...fennel seed. Fennel seed looks-like rice grain or anise, but it is just smaller. Dried fennel seed is an aromatic, anise-flavored spice, brown or green in color when fresh, slowly turning a dull grey as the seed ages. You can actually use it like rosemary and just put it in any kind of meat or fish as seasoning.

This is steamed Chicken Thigh with fennel seed, black pepper, crush garlic and some salt.

The combination of those seasoning really gives an amazing flavor and aroma for these steamed chicken. This is one healthy dish that you might wanna try. Simple and healthy. Sometimes steaming your food is the best thing to do than frying. Why? Because first--less oil, less fat and second it is juicier and tender when you eat.

Of course, we always want healthy stuff, right?

Since, we already have healthy chicken and to make it healthier dish lets add veggies. Well, you can't go wrong with green and orange vegetables plus red. Cabbage, carrots and bell pepper--healthy veggies that fights sickness and diseases. As we all known, October is "breast cancer awareness month". So, I encourage you to stay fit and healthy by eating great stuff and moderating the not so good stuff. Have a Picture Perfect day everyone!

And thanks folks for stopping by until next time...See yah! :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Falling Like An Angel ( Wanting to let go and move on for Love )

Picture Perfect of an Angels from Christmas decoration last year! :)

Falling Like an Angel

Intro I:
Can't sleep every night
In my bed
I'm thinkin'
To forget about the past
It's a shadow
That hunting me every night

And I'm crying
The river flows so strong
I couldn't fight it
Now, my heart beat so fast
I couldn't stop it
It's like a raging ball of fire
It will surely hit me down

Oh, I don't know why
I'm helpless
And I'm losing grip
I'm falling like an angel, oh

I'm wishing every night
In my heart
I'm hopin'
Getting out of the dark
In a shadow
That hunting me every night

So, I'm trying
To keep on moving forward
Should I do it
I'm scared to fall so bad
Should I break it
It's like I'm hangin' like a wire
It will surely let me down

Oh, I don't know why
I'm hopeless
And I'm losing grip
I'm falling like an angel, oh

If you ain't got a clue
What's gonna be the next step for you
Better be ready to leave the past
And re-start everything
then move your feet at last 

Let it burn and turn into ashes
So, the past will never be comin' back
Just hope it'll never comeback

But there's many sleepless nights
In my head
I'm thinkin'
To forget about the past
It's a shadow hunting me every night

Now, I'm running
To leave everything behind
How to do it
'Cause my knees are weak
And how can I make it?
I'm like a wheel without a tire
It will surely crash me down

Oh, I don't know why
 And I'm losing grip
I'm falling like an angel (3x)

Can't sleep every night
'Cause I feel
I'm falling like an angel, oh

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Perez

 I want to dedicate this Picture Perfect moment to Perez, my favorite puppy. He is so cute and adorable. I always want to cuddle and carry him. Like what I did when he was still 3 months old, yes that's my hands helping him to stand.

 His eyes are so warm and irresistible. Actually, he knew that because every time he looked at me he knew I will give him some treats--sweet stuff that he always love. I know I should think about his health but still I want to give him some love and spoil him anyway. Awww! I love him so much!

Come my baby, lovey dovey! :)

Yes, he is one of the three amazing puppies in the house. Respectively, from the right the brown color is George, in the middle the white one is Spike and my cutie Perez.  They may be different breeds but they treat each others as brothers.

 Perez is so intelligent puppy and very behave but he loves doing so many things.

One time, after he snipped under the table he sat down beside the chair. And he looked as if he begged for food because he didn't find any food somewhere. He just patiently wait and wait and wait until I realized maybe he wants some food.

Sorry, my baby because sometimes I don't think quick. But I know he loved my treats to him--dog food! Nom nom!

 Again after a busy day for my Perez, he slept beside the drawer. You know what he did? He just followed some rats and cockroaches inside the house. But don't get confused if he's a cat or a dog because he just love to play. It just happened that no one would like to play with him because everyone was sleeping--I'm talking about the other puppies.

Poor Perez, even the mouse and cockroach don't wanna play. He fell asleep as he waits in the small hole on the wall.

 One of his favorite thing to do is to eat on top of the door mat. He also sometimes wrestle with the door mat. Cute!

I'm wondering maybe he needs some blanket. Don't you think?

 And of course, as my baby Perez grow bigger--I mean grow older because he seems don't change he's size,he learned some tricks--well, I'm not sure if this is a trick or what but I'm just so proud of him. Every time he see the small chair (the small round, green chair) he always step on top of it and stay there for a minute or two. You can even guide him to sit there and it's awesome because he can understand very well.

Awww! My baby is getting good every day. I'm #Proud momma!

After learning to sit on a small chair, I guess he realized why not aim for a bigger and comfortable chair like this one. He loves sitting there because he can see the TV clearly. Among all the dog and puppies around the house, he is the only one who sits on the chair because the others want to sit in the sofa or even on the bed but it's a no no.

So, folks hope you enjoy my baby Perez as much as I do...Until next time! Happy playing with your pets, adios for now! :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Barbecue like at Home

This one was ala home-made barbecue style and very simple. If you want to go out and eat something like you were at home, these barbecue is what you need. Simple and flavorful.

Last time, we went out in a mall and we ate in one of a simple and clean restaurant where I be able to eat this sweetly glazed barbecue. I feel like home because the taste reminded me of my childhood food trip days. When I was young there were times we had these special day that my family used to barbecue either chicken or pork with the intestines and blood. Sometimes it's kinda bizarre but it's also one of the great days of my simple life.

The serving of this meal was kinda too much for me but I really did enjoyed it. I actually, took it at home with me because I don't like leaving it just like that, I know they will gonna throw it anyway.

The barbecue was definitely amazing I actually didn't add any sauce. The egg on top of the rice was also properly cooked and the bell pepper really gave an awesome smell on the plate very inviting.

It was a fun day and hopefully we can go out again with my family. :)