Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Barbecue like at Home

This one was ala home-made barbecue style and very simple. If you want to go out and eat something like you were at home, these barbecue is what you need. Simple and flavorful.

Last time, we went out in a mall and we ate in one of a simple and clean restaurant where I be able to eat this sweetly glazed barbecue. I feel like home because the taste reminded me of my childhood food trip days. When I was young there were times we had these special day that my family used to barbecue either chicken or pork with the intestines and blood. Sometimes it's kinda bizarre but it's also one of the great days of my simple life.

The serving of this meal was kinda too much for me but I really did enjoyed it. I actually, took it at home with me because I don't like leaving it just like that, I know they will gonna throw it anyway.

The barbecue was definitely amazing I actually didn't add any sauce. The egg on top of the rice was also properly cooked and the bell pepper really gave an awesome smell on the plate very inviting.

It was a fun day and hopefully we can go out again with my family. :)

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