Saturday, October 19, 2013

Enjoying the Weekend with Tuna Crackers

One of my hobby is actually eating. Ha ha ha...I actually don't know if it's a hobby at all but anyway since I already shared my sandwich addiction--I have here my remedy if not a cure. Well, maybe it's not a cure at all but it's also enjoying and fun. Lately, my sister and I talked about replacing bread with something else for a change--yes we love sandwiches so much and we also love experimenting about food. The simple the better, much quicker but still yummier. 

And here's my take of tuna in a cracker, Picture Perfect or yummy perfect? :)

 First, prepare the cracker flakes to be available for some fillings.
Of course, we have tuna flakes, mayonnaise (plain white or with pickles, ham, bacon or any kind of small shredded meat is fine), and if you like you can also add some small slices of carrots to add more nutrients. And then mix it all together, so every portion is well balance with the ingredients.

Then spread the special tuna filling generously in every cracker flakes. And now, you can enjoy it one by one. It's kinda addicting I have to say. 
So, the thing here is that--my sandwich addiction didn't really cured but I just replaced it with tuna cracker addiction for a while. Well, no need to worry because it's both healthy and fun. 

Who could ever tell that addiction can be healthy and yummy? 
I bet this is one of those special snack that you should be trying and enjoying for the rest of your life. 
So folks, thanks for stopping by and see you again next time for another cute, delicious and maybe a little bit fun and interesting story of mine...Happy eating guys! :)--liz

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