Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Perez

 I want to dedicate this Picture Perfect moment to Perez, my favorite puppy. He is so cute and adorable. I always want to cuddle and carry him. Like what I did when he was still 3 months old, yes that's my hands helping him to stand.

 His eyes are so warm and irresistible. Actually, he knew that because every time he looked at me he knew I will give him some treats--sweet stuff that he always love. I know I should think about his health but still I want to give him some love and spoil him anyway. Awww! I love him so much!

Come my baby, lovey dovey! :)

Yes, he is one of the three amazing puppies in the house. Respectively, from the right the brown color is George, in the middle the white one is Spike and my cutie Perez.  They may be different breeds but they treat each others as brothers.

 Perez is so intelligent puppy and very behave but he loves doing so many things.

One time, after he snipped under the table he sat down beside the chair. And he looked as if he begged for food because he didn't find any food somewhere. He just patiently wait and wait and wait until I realized maybe he wants some food.

Sorry, my baby because sometimes I don't think quick. But I know he loved my treats to him--dog food! Nom nom!

 Again after a busy day for my Perez, he slept beside the drawer. You know what he did? He just followed some rats and cockroaches inside the house. But don't get confused if he's a cat or a dog because he just love to play. It just happened that no one would like to play with him because everyone was sleeping--I'm talking about the other puppies.

Poor Perez, even the mouse and cockroach don't wanna play. He fell asleep as he waits in the small hole on the wall.

 One of his favorite thing to do is to eat on top of the door mat. He also sometimes wrestle with the door mat. Cute!

I'm wondering maybe he needs some blanket. Don't you think?

 And of course, as my baby Perez grow bigger--I mean grow older because he seems don't change he's size,he learned some tricks--well, I'm not sure if this is a trick or what but I'm just so proud of him. Every time he see the small chair (the small round, green chair) he always step on top of it and stay there for a minute or two. You can even guide him to sit there and it's awesome because he can understand very well.

Awww! My baby is getting good every day. I'm #Proud momma!

After learning to sit on a small chair, I guess he realized why not aim for a bigger and comfortable chair like this one. He loves sitting there because he can see the TV clearly. Among all the dog and puppies around the house, he is the only one who sits on the chair because the others want to sit in the sofa or even on the bed but it's a no no.

So, folks hope you enjoy my baby Perez as much as I do...Until next time! Happy playing with your pets, adios for now! :)

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