Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Little George: Be Strong!

I'm in a middle of heartbreak--from losing hope but not losing my faith...
These past few days until now, I'm having this issue about my dog George. He is very ill, he's not eating and it's like in any moment he will gonna leave this world. But I still wish it will not gonna happen because it's gonna be a heartbreaking for everyone. I wanna believe that he will gonna survive and I'm still praying for his recovery. Honestly, I need a miracle this time from God!

I have so many speculation why he is in danger. Maybe someone poisoned him or maybe a virus or bacteria ruled his body or I don't really know! But what I know is I want him to be okay. My sister brought him already to the bet and they already gave him some vaccines and medicines. And my sister already giving him an injection for anti-bacteria or something and he need to take it for 7 days but I'm still worried because he don't have an appetite for food but at least he drink water once in a while. Still I don't get it. I want him to be normal again like before--he is very quick, he loves to jump, he is the fastest when it comes to eating their food, he loves pointing his nose in my skin, he is just so sweet. He loves looking at me (eye to eye) and when he does that even now that he is sick it really breaks my heart because I can't do anything for him. I don't know how to save him, I don't know if what we are doing is enough to make him feel better.

George situation is similar to my childhood story when I still had a dog named Kiko. He died in a strange circumstances but I don't want it to be the same with George. I don't want history to repeat itself. It so unfair and it's not right! I know George is hurting everyday, I want it to stop but I don't want him to die. It's really hard to cope, especially, if you already love your dog. And every time I'm looking back to those memories that I am playing with my dog George, it always brought me to tears as well as I'm writing this...I know, I'm not supposed to cry because he's still there but I know he is in pain. I can see it in his eyes, he don't need to make any sound because in just one look--I already knew!

Right now, I just want to look at his Picture Perfect caption when he was still a little puppy. He is just adorable!

This face can really melt your stone heart--I have to say. He loves it when you put your hand on his head and just caress him. You will just smile as he close his ocean eyes and you'll gonna hug him for sure.

These are my 3 little angels. The New Addition to the family. And I want them to be there as long as they can because we are just starting to have fun as they grow up. They are my 3 Musketeers! So, George you should win this battle! Please, be strong my little George! Be strong and be okay!

As you can see, he is so behave and loves to sleep too! He can sleep anywhere and any time of the day but it's okay because I also love taking pictures of him!

Awww! So cute!

And of course, he loves cleaning his self! Or maybe he is just scratching the itchy part of his body by his teeth--YOU KNOW!

These four amazing dog and puppies are just awesome and love to play with each others. They may be different breeds but it doesn't matter because they love each other!

And I love George so much!

Folks, please help me to pray for his quick recovery! He is something that I couldn't afford to lose, yes he is a dog but he is still important and I want to still hug him and see him on my side. I still want to feed him on my hand (palm). And I still wanna see him play with other dogs and I still wanna touch his face everyday!

Guys, thanks for visiting my blog! It really means a lot to me! You know, sometimes I'm having issues and I can't write articles everyday for you and for my self but no matter what happen I will try to keep everything flow and share things that I know some people can relate or can learn from me and my experiences.

The sadness that I feel is really hard for me but I know things will gonna be just fine, I will just cross my fingers to that-----Liz is here saying, "I love George, I love Perez, I love Spike and I love Hachico.

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