Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween can be Fun!

Hello everyone! This past week had been very intense and emotional for me. My dog George is still sick and the other dogs--Hachico, Spike and Perez are sick too but I believe they are getting well everyday with our proper love and care that we are giving to them. I'm just thankful with God, that's all I can say and now it's another story!

Halloween twinkle Fairy!
All souls day and all saints day might be over but still I wanna show you the other side of what's making me happy despite of what happened and the circumstances we have faced!

The following Picture Perfect moments belong to my pretty and lovable niece Angie, there's no doubt she can bring back the happiness and smile on everyone's face no matter what happen! So, here you go!

It's been a month since my sister bought the butterfly costume and good thing it matches her pumpkin and dress. And when we got to the mall it also matches the backdrop castle, what a co-incidence--or should I say a "luck". :)

She played as a Violet Butterfly Little Fairy, really cute right?

Everyone was busy especially the parents and the guardian fixing their kids costumes for the event. Well, Angie was well-prepared at that moment so no need to do the fixing.

 The only thing she did was to make a pose and pose and pose--"happiness overload"--I must say!

 We also went to the little arcade for kids and instead of playing, she chose to make a pose for a picture. Lovely, future model or future Miss Universe? Hmm, I think it could be both if she wanted to in the future.

So, when we got tired of walking and checking some costumes in the event, we decided to sit down in the food court to get some drink or maybe food.

And of course, I decided to ask my niece to make some posing for me then I took shots of her--I mean I took lots of photos of her.

This one is model-like slash thinking or maybe

 This one is more of listening into something and not believing of what she is hearing...hmm, maybe!

This one is like kissing the GSP, I will explain why and what is GSP means.

My niece is one of the Girl Scout and she love doing the three finger because it's GSP sign and I taught her the kiss gesture. So, there you go--"kissing the GSP pose".

 And of course, the most popular among any poses--"the flying kiss". Don't think grin because she's only 6 years old. I just taught her that for a picture purposes only and also she need to learn those because she dreamed to be an actress someday. Actually, she's a quick learner and I'm so proud of her.

 I called this one as a "Halloween peace sign", because she's doing the peace sign and at the same time she looked scared or frightened...Hahaha!

 This one is the normal fairy pose but I think being a fairy is not normal in a real world. Nah, this is just a dress up anyway and definitely she looks cute and cuddly.

 And very much adorable...

Honestly, she's giving me a great joy even if she's very talkative most of the time and very annoying too!

 She loves playing in every pose and we don't give any pressure to her because she's still a kid and need to play as a kid. I personally want her to enjoy her childhood and if the time comes and she's ready to face the world, I think it will come in a right time when she grow up.

 For now, enjoying every little thing is a must. Sometimes she say she want to grow fast to do every thing she wants like modeling, acting, singing, dancing and to become Miss Universe. And we told her,"One step at a time". For now; study hard, take time to play, eat well and enjoy Picture Perfect moments.

 Like this one, she's a natural charmer and a cutie-pie to this picture.

 I told her to pose as if she's scared without the teeth and she gave me this one.
Did I say without a teeth? Hehe!
Well, because she is in a process of being a toothless but not cute-less!

 Did she looks like scared or she wanna jump off the chair? Or maybe she ate sour cream, I don't know!

 Or maybe she's thinking about lime juice...:)

Still she's very cute on this one!

 And this one too! Very cute and very pretty little butterfly fairy!

 The little fairy wants to rest?

Or maybe, she wants to sleep?

Go on Little Butterfly Fairy, thank you for making my Halloween a little extra special and very much happy.

Hey folks! Wish you had a great Halloween in your town and country.
Let's pray for those souls and let's celebrate our life on Earth!

Liz here saying, "Happy Halloween and we should be happy in everything"!

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