Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heart of Gold in A midst of Disaster

My own feelings!

These past few weeks, Philippines experienced so many tragedies, calamities and disaster. From rebellions of some anti-government parties to Earth-quake to super typhoon--it happened one after another. It's very heart-breaking, especially if you can see it everyday on TV and when you turned your eyes on newspaper it's also there and you can't change anything about it. But actually, it's not about changing things but doing something when things happened. In a midst of hunger and distraction there are good people that rises and help and show that they care. You can see humanitarian, you can see heroes, you can witness real people with a heart and most of all you can hear Prayers--the most important thing ever.

Yes, there maybe some bad stuff but there are also some good stuff happened--the Philippines won several pageants, boxing and recognition from all over the world. And it became the inspiration of most people here. I know it's never enough to ease the pain of the families who lost their loved-ones but things really happened for a reason. Only God knows why those things happened and for those people that affected the only thing they can do is to accept it and move on because life goes on as long as you live--as long as we are alive.

I am thankful to God that my whole family is okay. But there are things that's making me feel sad and lonely too. And for that matter, I can say I can feel what they feel and I'm hoping that they can have all the help that they needed--sympathized, assurance and even material things like relief goods and money to have something to start with. I know we have a strong will, a strong heart and strong faith--surely we can get through this. Honestly, when I look back I realized my problem is so small to compare to the problems of those people who suffered from different tragedies I mentioned earlier. My heart and my prayers goes to them and to those need it more. And for my personal dilemmas, I also want to pray for it because I know God knows what to do about it.

I still have hopes and faith no matter what---sometimes when things are over you will realized all the lessons you learned from it. I realized, life is beautiful---it can be surprising in a good or bad way but there's always rainbow after the rain and Picture Perfect moments after all... :)

I took this photo only this year, it's my hometown and this is my personal favorite. I can say that this photo sealed my love of photography.

It shows nature with peace, calm, contentment and love! And it's the exact things what those people need or what we all need.

There so much thing to say and there so much thing to do but we don't need to be careless or too emotional. We only need to act some kindness for others if we can and I'm sure we can...right?

And it's time again folks, thanks for stopping by and until next time! Happy -Ber months to everyone!

Liz is here saying, "I miss you and I love you, wherever you are I hope you're safe and happy. You chose to left and I respect that even if I'm hurting, but forgive me because I will still wait for you and believe that you'll gonna comeback for me---someday!".

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