Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Healthy and the Not so Healthy

Hello Again!

It's nice to be back because I can share again some stuff or something that made my day a little bit Picture Perfect and extra special.

The long wait is over!

Lately, I am actually trying to convince myself to continue my diet in my own little way. Well, I'm not saying that living healthy is not in my blood but sometimes, I do fail when it comes to devoting myself in doing exercises everyday or not cheating in what I eat--oh jeez...I love sweet!

But forget about that for now! :)

These past few days, I'm just being lazy in cooking so, instead of using the stove I tried the oven most of my valued time in the kitchen. Don't blame me because every time I fry something it always explode with the oil, not so much just a little bit. And using the oven is making my life way easier.

Not to mention my favorite is actually bread and butter plus cheese. I just love my food hot, crispy in the outside and yummier inside. Nom nom nom! It's the simplest thing that could make me happy the whole day.

And of course, Pizza too!
I love Italian food and I mean it's pizza. This one is the thin crust pizza available in any restaurant. If you are a health conscious like me, you don't need to drown yourself by eating the whole box of pizza. One slice will make you survive from starving but enjoying life at the same time. No pressure just add a hot sauce!

And speaking of healthy!
Tan tananan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the salad! My sister and I made it. I bet this is the real Picture Perfect, perfectly healthy and perfectly delicious!

What's good about veggie salad is that you can use anything you want and there's no really limitation--it only means no limitations for being healthy!

You can throw some tomatoes, cucumber, some lettuce or any green leafy veggies, onions and even some fresh seaweeds or anything you like as long as you can eat it raw. And of course, don't forget to put some salt, pepper and salad dressing to make one great dish that you'll gonna love.

No wonder why "Caesar Salad" is famous! Lol
Anyway, with this kind of salad you can add steamed chicken or salmon, I bet it's perfect and yummy!

At this point, we already reach the line of healthy and not so healthy food. So. it's really up to us if we can maintain our figure and do the right thing or just eat what we want.

We always have a choice. For me, we can eat anything as long as we knew--what is moderation?

Remember the tagline, "Drink moderately"?

Mine is "Eat moderately", especially if your metabolism is not really good or very slow.

Once again folks, I reach the end of the line I mean the end of my paper word pad--just kidding but I need to go now and thank you for visiting my blog. Sorry, if it takes me too long before I write another one--I'm just addicted to FB...joke!

Let's just say, I'm just thinking too much these days while looking from a far and I'm doing that for so many hours then the moment I came back to reality it's already evening so I need to sleep! It's a long story!

Anyway, see you again next time! :)

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