Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Enjoying Little things while waiting for Christmas

Christmas is almost near and I can even smell it....hahahaha.... :)

If ever you still don't have a gift for someone, especially to a girl whether it's your girlfriend, friend, niece, daughter, or grand daughter--I have here an example of a simple gift that I know every girl would appreciate.

Accessories are not expensive but really enhances your fashion statement. It adds colors and charm.

Although, it's not the popular way of giving gifts but I'm sure it's gonna be worth it.

Like what they say, "It's the thought that's count and not how expensive it is"......Well, I hope it is still working because I must admit these days kids, siblings or even parents will gonna love to have gadgets. But if you need to cut your budget at least you tried to make an effort for your loved one.

Accessories there is....

Sandals, shoes or sleepers?
For me anything is okay.
I have here a combination of sleepers and sandals, you can wear it in the mall, park or even on the beach and you're looking so fashionista. Absolutely, you can have a Picture Perfect moment as you strike a pose.

Always walk with a cute footwear to attract good vibes, just think about it as an inspiration to achieve your goal. Little stuff bigger dreams equals happiness. Okay? Okay!

:) Have a happy Christmas and Fashionable New Year!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fruit Cocktail Salad with Graham Crackers for Christmas

Want to have Yummy-licious day or just Picture Perfect moments?

If your answer is yes, this is the perfect place or the perfect web to be..............

Since it's been almost three weeks before Christmas, it is just right to practice and prepare some menu or dish or any food that can be serve this holiday. First of all, one of my favorite is really salad--it could be macaroni or fruit salad as long as it's sweet then I'm good at it (yes, I have sweet tooth). Last weekend, my sister and I made a fruit salad with a twist because we put some grahams on it. It was a successful and really refreshing because after so many years it was the first time we made something like it. It's delicious!

We actually made two batches of fruit salads, the first one is just a fruit cocktail and the other one is with graham crackers. We did it on purposed because we wanted to have an option since it was really the first time.

So, here's the step by step procedure and the ingredients we used. :)

When making a fruit salad you have two option, it's either you will used the fresh fruits (you will pear it, chopped it and you will sliced it) or you can use the one in can that you can buy in any grocery store to make your life a bit easier. Either way it will work.

And since we want to make it fast we used the one in can. And you see the red and white ingredients there? That's kaong (It is a tropical fruit that comes from the sugar palm tree), in many Filipino deserts kaong is actually one of the main star. Kaong is smooth, soft and slippery. And what I like about this ingredient is that the sweetness is just right.

Then after putting all the fruits, we added the condensed milk and the cream to add some sweetness and consistency to the flavors.

An over-flowing goodness that everybody can't wait to taste. Of course, after putting all the ingredients we will mix it all together. So, all the fruits can have the right portion of the milk and cream.

While we are almost done with Salad fruit cocktail, we are going to prepare now the graham.

And then, on top of graham crackers we will put the fruit salad.
I'm sure the graham will absorb all the goodness in our fruit salad and we will about to taste that later.

So, we have graham crackers on the bottom then we put some fruit salad on top of it. We will actually gonna do it twice--it's like graham + fruit salad + graham + fruit salad = Graham Fruit Cocktail.

Well, this is it!

When it's done we can put it in a fridge before serve.

And here it is after we placed it in a fridge. Chilled and ready for  tasting.

And here's our Fruit Cocktail that we made earlier also came from a fridge and ready to be tasted. By the way, I didn't mentioned earlier that we put some coconut strips on it but you can see it here. It's more delicious for sure. Yummy!

So, we have here two kind of salad with almost the same ingredients. Both are delicious, very flavorful and very inviting to see and taste.

Why don't you make some? Especially, holiday season is almost here it is really good if you and your loved one will enjoy some sweet treats. I truly believed that these desserts are going to be the star of your celebration because the whole family can enjoy it.

Anyway folks, that's about it for now and thanks for stopping by...until next time...:)


Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas is in the Air!

Another great season for everyone!

Yes indeed, Christmas is really something we always look forward's the birth of Jesus Christ who saved us all. We share and we give to those people we loved and to those less fortunate. If we have the capacity to do it, this is the right time to do it. Besides it's really the spirit of Christmas after all and speaking of Christmas--I wanna share some spot that really showed the kind of celebration here in the Philippines.

You know Christmas trees, Christmas lanterns, Christmas lights or any Christmas decorations? Here in the Philippines you can find it anywhere not only at homes; like the streets, parks, malls, highways, restaurants and so many more. Celebrating Christmas will truly gonna give us joy and happiness. Even if the entire Philippines had suffer in different calamities and trauma still it is advisable to celebrate. It's going to be like the symbol of moving on and accepting God's grace. Everyone of us not only in the Philippines but the entire world has this strong heart that when someone gets hurt each and everyone of us help-out and really shows concern.

This Christmas is gonna be amazing for sure! I truly believe that this season will be great and abundance. I know someone out there in this world, my love will really enjoy the moment of this special day.

And before I forgot, here are some photos I managed to captured when we went out last weekend and also earlier.

I found this decor in a store and I thought it was cute and really perfect for Christmas.

And here's a peacock street lights...really cute and colorful...

This one was a butterfly very artistic light and good for Picture Perfect moment especially if you love butterflies.

If there were peacock and butterfly, there was a fish. Awesome! Under the sea Christmas wasn't bad at all.

And the star of many Christmas decorations--the Christmas tree, one of my favorite. My sister and nephew managed to pose because they also liked the place very much.

And of course, here's my niece posing under the giant Christmas tree.

Holidays really gives an amazing joyful feeling to everyone. That's why I am still looking forward to what's gonna happen to the next days as the countdown continues for Christmas.

For sure, more places will turn their lights on and more people will celebrate.

I am truly excited to share great stuff on how we will gonna celebrate Christmas, so guys just be sure to watch out for that and let's all celebrate, be happy and be thankful for every grace we receive.

And to wrap this thing up, here's a cute and quick video of a beautiful Christmas lights surrounding a place to hang-out. And because I said it'was quick--I mean it literally. lol

"Very Much Christmas"

Until next time folks, have a great day! Ho ho hooo!!!!