Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas is in the Air!

Another great season for everyone!

Yes indeed, Christmas is really something we always look forward's the birth of Jesus Christ who saved us all. We share and we give to those people we loved and to those less fortunate. If we have the capacity to do it, this is the right time to do it. Besides it's really the spirit of Christmas after all and speaking of Christmas--I wanna share some spot that really showed the kind of celebration here in the Philippines.

You know Christmas trees, Christmas lanterns, Christmas lights or any Christmas decorations? Here in the Philippines you can find it anywhere not only at homes; like the streets, parks, malls, highways, restaurants and so many more. Celebrating Christmas will truly gonna give us joy and happiness. Even if the entire Philippines had suffer in different calamities and trauma still it is advisable to celebrate. It's going to be like the symbol of moving on and accepting God's grace. Everyone of us not only in the Philippines but the entire world has this strong heart that when someone gets hurt each and everyone of us help-out and really shows concern.

This Christmas is gonna be amazing for sure! I truly believe that this season will be great and abundance. I know someone out there in this world, my love will really enjoy the moment of this special day.

And before I forgot, here are some photos I managed to captured when we went out last weekend and also earlier.

I found this decor in a store and I thought it was cute and really perfect for Christmas.

And here's a peacock street lights...really cute and colorful...

This one was a butterfly very artistic light and good for Picture Perfect moment especially if you love butterflies.

If there were peacock and butterfly, there was a fish. Awesome! Under the sea Christmas wasn't bad at all.

And the star of many Christmas decorations--the Christmas tree, one of my favorite. My sister and nephew managed to pose because they also liked the place very much.

And of course, here's my niece posing under the giant Christmas tree.

Holidays really gives an amazing joyful feeling to everyone. That's why I am still looking forward to what's gonna happen to the next days as the countdown continues for Christmas.

For sure, more places will turn their lights on and more people will celebrate.

I am truly excited to share great stuff on how we will gonna celebrate Christmas, so guys just be sure to watch out for that and let's all celebrate, be happy and be thankful for every grace we receive.

And to wrap this thing up, here's a cute and quick video of a beautiful Christmas lights surrounding a place to hang-out. And because I said it'was quick--I mean it literally. lol

"Very Much Christmas"

Until next time folks, have a great day! Ho ho hooo!!!!

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