Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Christmas and New Year Celebration

Maybe this is quite a delayed for me to write what I did for Christmas and New Year but here goes or nothing.

We went to different parts of the metro, we ate lots and lots of food and we opened gifts. Maybe it sounds bizarre but I tell you the moments were Picture Perfect!

Before Christmas Day:
We prepared gifts.

We have set the Christmas tree.

And that was me doing "selfie" with the Christmas tree. Ho ho ho!

The living room was also dressed with different Christmas decor.

And of course the door should have decor! cute!

Wait! Let's go back inside because I took a picture of the Christmas tree with these cute little gifts
 that my niece and nephew brought to their Christmas party to their school. So, awesome!

On Christmas Day and New Year:
They opened their gifts! And yes they were excited!

 And I opened my gifts too! I love it!

We went here! It's one of the malls in the metro and you can see lots of people were here too. Some of them wants to spend time with their family, the other still wants to buy some gifts and few were just wandering around or maybe looking for some place to eat. But what captured my attention was the huge Christmas tree, I think it was more beautiful at night when they opened the Christmas lights. Hmmm!

And of course after some walking and talking, here comes eating.
We made sure that our tummy was full before we continue our journey in sight-seeing some beautiful but crowded places. Well, it was really okay to stuck in traffic or even to stuck in a crowded place in one special day as Christmas day. Yes, I tried to be patient and I think I did good!

 And when we were done eating, we proceed to checking the mall's center of attraction. The moment was amazing! There in front of me the white Christmas that I've always dream of, truly amazing!

This one looks Chinese place but the ambiance was also amazing and I love it.

And since it's Christmas, we went here! Yes, absolutely! It's starbucks ( when I heard starbucks I heard big, I ordered the crosant and it sound french--it's actually crispy in the outside and soft in the inside. It doesn't taste anything  but I love the name--at

That cake was very sweet!

You know what I did? I mixed the cake and crosant and it did matched. Tasteless + very sweet = yummy!

And then, here we go... The most love food!

And after of starbucks, we went to another mall (MOA) to see how crowded it was. It was crazy that day but it's worth it. Especially, when we ate favorite! It's like all the hard work was paid off.

So, yummy! From the smell to it's taste--it's cheesy and I like it.

Fried chicken and fried potato! Yum! Very juicy and very tasty! What more can I ask for? Shakey's Pizza ruled!

Honestly, I love living healthy and eating healthy but sometimes I do believe that enjoying something is also important once in a while. Like eating these kinds of food.

And Christmas is always tag with sweet stuff. I don't blamed them because kids love sweet and Christmas day is like the free day to eat anything and enjoy every little good things.

Aside from sweet stuff, Christmas and New Year's celebration should always have great food.

 Healthy and delicious sea foods and meat Paella, spaghetti and the very traditional puto (breed-like sweet cupcake made from sticky rice) flavored with pandan. It has variations and the great flavor were just overflowing.

Here we have t-bone with rice in a menudo shrimp flavor. Super flavorful and really tasty.

Dessert like no other, the undying goodness of fruit salad with condensed milk and cream instead of liquor (quite fatty but the sweetness is just right).

Anyway,  we can still balance it with eating fruits and veggies.

Like these fruits that's really good for our body...Maybe we ate too much this holiday season but eating healthy food will not gonna kill us. And balancing our diet will take us further this 2014.

My life in 2013 was okay! I had my ups and down but no matter what I know God, my family and friends are always there. I never expected to always have my Picture Perfect moments but I always try my best to be happy and inspired everyone around me.

Have a great day guys! Liz is here saying Happy New Year!

Happy Horse Year! :)

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