Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Hairy Harry

The new beginning of something is when someone came into your life....
It's like you're not gonna remember the past over and over again! Well, if you do--it's not gonna be that so hard anymore. Because you let it go, you move on and you become so happy and blessed with someone who's deserving for your love. Like dogs perhaps to become a New Addition to the Family.

In here is Harry's #PicturePerfect moment:

I've taken this picture from my instagram and I find it really interesting. You know, I always love pet ever since I was a kid. I live with them, I love them  and life become more and more amazing and yes messier. But above all the noise and all messy stuff, I still feel glad and happy that I have super cute pet that make my life a little bit happier.

Harry is the fifth dog we have now, our first dog is Hachico then Spike/Spyke, and then George and Perez/Perrys. Well, as you can see the spelling of the name could be two for Spike/Spyke and Perez/Perrys. Because people in this house sometimes can't make up their mind and so, do I!

Anyway, this little Harry here is actually our first Shih Tzu breed of dog. We never had something like it before and its new for us. I just hope we can raise him a responsible dog because he can always makes us so happy no matter what. He's the cutest thing ever,so smart, energetic and he loves eating. Lol

Nobody will gonna say a dog with the tongue is not cute, right?! Maybe a lick-y dog! Lol...
So, folks until next time for more dose of Harry and some interesting stuff from me. Thanks for reading!

Hopefully, I'm gonna be able to give you some happenings from my own everyday life again and a little bit of everything. Thanks for those people that keep reading my blog even if I left for a bit longer but I'm gonna back full time soon or if not I'm still gonna put something here once in a while to make you posted.

Liz is here saying, "Have a nice day!" :)

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