Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breath-taking Bicol, "The Unexpected Journey"

Last week, I went to my province and also my parents hometown in Bicol. I traveled from Manila to Bicol by bus. It took us 9 hours or so because it's really far and then we stayed  for 2 days and a half. I still feel groggy right now but  since my official business went fine so, I know I need to relax now. But I'm still thinking about my trip and  I wanna show you some photos of the place that I took while I'm on a bus or jeep or while I was walking. 

This beautiful rice field will gonna welcome you once you entered the province.

I can remembered the old movies made in the Philippines, whether a love story or a battle. Mostly, the setting of the films were exactly like this--rice field, some trees and love-birds--I mean lovers. Then sometimes, rebel versus soldier chasing on the rice field ( how sweet--lol).

The life in the province as I saw it was really simple and peaceful, just like these two cows eating grass.

It's like they'd rather go fishing instead of playing online games...

Or maybe not! Who knows?

I think it's already harvest season because 1/4 of the rice field was already brown. It means they already harvested the rice grains and and those grains that's left were all turning yellow, really a good sign for those farmers.

Every time I look back to these photos, I really feel proud and so happy because I came from a beautiful place. So rich in nature and so #PicturePerfect that you can't do anything but admire its beauty.

It could be your Shang-rila, that you can use it as a getaway.

And if you feel so disturbed this place is a good for retreat to have peace of mind and relaxation.

Especially, if you're tired of hustle bustle in the metro and you need to see and experience the "old school life" or simple life for a change.

Although, the only thing you'll gonna see aside from rice field are trees...

Then, more trees...

And old houses...

Plus, grass.

And look at this road!

Would you believe that this road was actually one of the "National Road"?


Just because the life there was really simple well, it also means  the road too. But don't worry they have a bit bigger than this but I just love to show you this one. You know why?

Because this particular road was just amazing, it connected many municipalities in the province or in Manila we called it cities and in United States we called it states.

So, it was really nice that a small road connected many places.

Another thing is...
You need to wait for the vehicles here to arrive because they don't have that much and it will gonna take you for 30 to 45 minutes waiting. Well, it was okay even if it's super sunny and super hot that you'll gonna find yourself sweaty and thirsty--just like what I experienced. No big deal. Lol!


You can see lots of this because the province is actually surrounded by water or sea.

It can served as irrigation for those farmers or fishing area for those fishing enthusiasts to others or swimming place for some. 

In fact, they've been using this kind of river in a "Fiesta" here in Bicol.

Also, the people lives here use this river for their every day life.

You know what's good about these people?

They maintain the cleanliness of their rivers. I've seen rivers from here and there and I really admired them. I don't like comparing Manila and Bicol or any other places but there are some big difference. 

In Manila - there are many people in a crowded places. When there's too much of people it means too much of waste and trash. Then people keep throwing  their trash to the rivers so, right now it became polluted.

In Bicol -  their rivers are clean. You can see some houses near the river but they still respect their nature and they have discipline. 

But as I said, I don't like comparing two places...maybe I just did.

This one was...


So inviting.

Sea side. Beach (bitch) - that's how I pronounced it. Oops! Not cursing tho.

Finally, after many years--I become one again with nature. Does it sounded porn?

No? Good!

Honestly, I really miss adventure with nature like being surrounded by trees and water. I was not expecting to see some beautiful places because my mind was really focused on some serious stuff. 

The truth is--it was unexpected. 

And I was unprepared.



First of all, it was unexpected because I didn't intentionally want to wander around. But since my brother was with me and he really insisted to visit some places and relatives, that's why I said okay beside I owe him for coming with me. You know the last time I'd been to this place was when I was 7 or 8 years old, when my grand mother died. So, I was not familiar with everything especially with places and land marks.

And second, I was unprepared.

The fact that I didn't bring much of the things that I'm going to need, because I thought the visit will gonna be quick. But you know things happened and sometimes we made some adjustment so, we stayed there a bit longer than I expected it. And I'm glad I did, because there were some bad happenings happened,  like there was a bridge collapsed and vehicles commotion.  And luckily we avoided those circumstances.

And seeing these beautiful places really worth it! 

With this amazing view, you can't see it every day.


Although,  I've missed someone while I was away. My baby Tom,  I know he was worried about my safety.  Good thing, God didn't let anything to happen to me. Thanks God!

So, I'm still enjoying all the beautiful things in life.

And speaking of beautiful, I was amazed by this Mangcamagong beach because it was perfectly simple yet really attractive.  I wish I can go back to this place again with my love.

You know I just realized that we should be thankful in every great things in life. We should appreciate it and be happy no matter what, but I also realized  that we cannot fully appreciate something if we are not with the one we loved.

Anyway, instead of being too emotional,  I think we can try fishing next time or just walk and walk and walk and wander in the beauty of nature.

So, that's it for now folks!


Until next time...

Liz is here saying, "lovey dovey-you my baby"!

Oops! Not that one.

But this one...

 "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others". So, I'm sharing it with you! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rays of Sunshine

Mystical White
Lately, I was missing the good old summer time--dry, hot weather and sweaty forehead because it's already rainy season and typhoon keeps coming in. So, I decided to find some pictures that I believed would make me feel summer.

I took this photo of orchids hanging on a tree for about 3 to 4 months ago on my parents' house before summer ended and make way for rainy season. 

Here it is again, take a closer look!

I didn't put any filter or effect to this beautiful flower because the sunlight already gives an amazing effect to it. And it's really heart-warming picture that I want to sit in there and take a quick smell to that flower. I actually did the last time (I don't smell anything or maybe my smelling prowess don't worked).

By the way, when I say "rainy season" here in the Philippines it doesn't mean that the sun never shines but most of the day it is really gloomy and cloudy and there's a big chance it will gonna rain within the day any time. And that could happen for one week or months. Well, it really depends on global warming (or maybe not)...)P

Now, you can see that this orchid was attached to this old mango tree (the old mango tree was the tree where I used to climbed up in to in our backyard when I was a kid located in my hometown). And it's so good to see that a tree gives benefit to human and also to another plant. That's the best examples of #PicturePerfect photo, it's not only beautiful but there's also a moral story.

What's the moral story?

Well, I know I didn't give you any story but just look at it. When something or someone gives benefit to something or someone--it means it's a good deed. And every good deeds is a good thing. 

And you know I'm kinda missing summer right? But I'm also kinda liking a not so hot weather so, for now I'm just gonna enjoy these beautiful and shining pictures where I can witness another creation of God. 

Honestly, for me any forms of nature is really created by God. That is why, I am happy to talk about it.

Sun shine, flowers, trees, and beautiful surrounding--equals to #PicturePerfect.

:) Liz is here saying, "Have a great day folks"!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's going on? Part 3: The Engagement

As the continuation of the more than five months recap of what's happening in my life. I'm gonna give you the "one of the best thing to happen to me" moment and I told you it's gonna be #PicturePerfect as far as I'm concern. 

To be honest I am not really sure on how to start this thing! (Kinda)

Anyway, here I go...

Clue: This moment is once in a life time and also one of the happiest thing ever.

So, maybe you can think like--it's probably the reason why I skip a long time that I was not updating anything here because I'm still in a cloud nine. And I have to say, "yes indeed", it's something so important to me and I need to make sure before I say something about my personal life it should be -- It! You know what I mean...it should be..."It".

Last June 8, I got engaged with now my fiance Tommy and it was also his birthday.


I am really shaking right now because this is really important and super special moment. My status right now as an engaged woman is like another chapter of my life with the person I'm super in-love with. It's something I've always pray for and wish for. 

I met him just before the New Year this year and we became friends. I never thought that the person with the thick mustache will gonna be the reason of my happiness. He is always funny. I told him, "you know I love your sense of humor and it's really one of the reason why you captured my heart, hehehe! I'm just joking baby". And he has these amazing qualities that I really admire in a person--he is responsible (he has 2 kids), he is super cute (his eyes are so captivating, I love his forehead like Dracula and his feet--I just love it), he is so caring and understanding  (I'm crazy most of the time but still he listens and always comforts me). Since the day we met until now he's always there for me and I do the same thing. 

The Long Distance Relationship

We are in a long distance relationship. He is from the USA and I'm living in the Philippines.

I find it hard to be far away from him but we're both doing everything we can to continue this relationship because we are both happy and blessed to be in each others arms. I have no complain or regret because I can see he's just amazing and truly a blessing from heaven. He never get tired of giving me advice and making me feel strong in any kind of situation--he's there. We have this great chemistry in everything and he actually told me we are the "yin yang". It's really cute for a guy to think of those things and he always gives me joy in any bad situation. Honestly, it's hard to describe  him because he can do lots of things but he's no Super Man and he don't need to be. For me, he's my guy and mine forever.

The #PicturePerfect Moment 
After of talking, texting and seeing each other for almost everyday through cellphone, skype, and facebook--he traveled thousands of miles to be with me. He met some of my family members and we got engaged.

Awesome right? :)

It was amazing and the best day ever!
We learned a lot from each other (good or bad we accepted it) we also made lots and lots of great memories (some are funny and silly) and we admire each other so much ( even there's no particular reason ) that's how love works.

The Engagement Ring

Before he bought this ring for me, he asked his youngest daughter a helped to what's gonna be a good engagement ring. So, they asked me what's my birth stone and even me don't know it (seriously?). Yes!

So, what Katelyn did?...

She made a research in the internet of January born birth stone, then they learned it's "garnet". So, one or two weeks before he came here he went to different stores to find an engagement ring for me. And luckily he found one after looking in many different stores--thank God!

It was really made for me! I feel really special because it's a sign of love and promise. Although, we never made any promises before but it really means a lot that I can't even describe but only love, love and love.

The Food
We ate together any time of the day and it was super duper amazing!

One of my favorite moment when we were together was eating because the feeling of eating together with the one you love is priceless. It actually gives me chill and happy smile every time I think about it.

Especially, in the morning when we had our breakfast (in the restaurant of the hotel) we always seated in one spot in the corner because no one would like to seat there but we didn't reserved it for us (but it seems like it was reserved for us). In there, we spent time talking and eating and boy the food were delicious but he didn't like it that much because most of the food there were Filipino dish and he wasn't familiar so every time, every one single moment in the morning--he always add ham on his plate and I always add sausage on my plate and don't ask me why. Then he taught me of mixing ham and cheese really taste awesome and yes that's true. So, I wanna commend him for that...:)

And he introduced to me his favorite pizza--Papa Johns. I actually heard about this pizza before but never tried it even once. And would you believe that it is now my favorite pizza in a whole wide world (www.com...lol)? But seriously, it is really delicious because they cook their pizza with fresh dough and their tagline, "better ingredients, better pizza" really speaks for their quality of food. Yum yum!

The Great View
"Instagramie", this is what I'm thinking about this picture. It's like I can put this on my instagram and I did it--on my facebook page...lol

First of all, I love the view and it's like I wanna lay there right now.

Second. The rays from the sun is amazing.
Third. The reflection of the sun in the swimming pool is fantastic.

Do you know the moment you feel like you're living the dream?

The moment I was with my boo was the moment I felt everything was easy and great.  He made me feel I'm the luckiest woman in the world. In fact, he's always making me feel the luckiest and the most beautiful person every single day. And it seems like he never get tired and every time he say it, it never get old but it sounds like music to my ear.

How beautiful that picture is?
That's what I feel right now!

#Amazing                                        #Liz&Tom
#Awesome                                       #LoveLoveLove

Thanks folks! Have a great day. See you next time!

:) Liz

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's going on? Part 2: The New Addition to the Family

Month of June had been a very productive month. 

While I was in a vacation,  Hachico the very first female dog (bitch)in the house had given birth to the two cute puppies named Candice and Stacey. They are so adorable and super cute. From the moment they were born up to now they give nothing but joy and messy place. They love playing and partying, it means they love making the house super messy because once they found a pillow, door-matte, or any paper even the tissue for sure you'll gonna find it all over the place. But every time they do that it's actually fine because even dogs need to be happy (even they make the whole place messy). Besides they are the new addition to the family and we really treat them as one of us.

 Too little (2 little)!

Too small (2 small)!

Introducing, Candice and Stacey! Two adorable puppies. Super cute and super white.

This one is Candice Tokotok, she have brown color on her ears and head (just a little bit) and the shape of her face is quite square also a bit dark spot on her nose. And the most attractive is her eyes. 

One time I was standing and fixing something to eat and all of the sudden I feel something licking my feet. Then I realized, it could be one the dogs and I saw her licking me. I said, "Candice"! Then she stopped and sat down while looking at me. I was hypnotized by the sweetness of her look. I was thinking "Aww, my baby Candice is so cute" and then I gave her a treat. 

 Candice and Stacey are not just cute, they are also smart.

One morning we decided to put them on top of the small table so we can get their picture. They were not scared but very careful not to fall. They want to jump but they were hesitant they might get hurt (they know if there's dangers too). 

Dogs can be crazy sometimes but they know how to think and they also have emotions(they are happy sometimes and excited especially when there's food) and they get so sad too.

But no matter what time is it, I always love to capture their #PicturePerfect moment because it's A-mazing. 

They are the best of friends.

They sometimes fight but they are best friends too.  They clean each other's ears and they sleep together.

They look out for each other.

When they are playing they attack the other dogs at same time (it's like double team in crime or tag team in crime). They have these understandings and communication that I admire so much.

They are inseparable.

When they were super small (but they are still small until now). I mean when they were like two weeks old you'll gonna notice they were inseparable. It was like they got each other's back and nobody will gonna mess up with them.

And when you look at them you'll gonna say, "I love these two, so amazing".

I'm sure!

And because I am admiring them  so much since the day they were born, you will see my hands in the picture. I was going to touch the head of these puppies because I love them so much.

And since earlier I introduced to you Candice, now make way for Stacey Tokitok.We called her the sexy puppy. Candice is sweeter than Stacey but Stacey is sweeter to their mom Hachico and to the super cute Harry.

And I was holding Candice my favorite loving puppy.

Well, I also love Stacey but she's getting mad whenever we hold her. She's always trying to bite me...huhuhu! But I know how to trick her, all I need to do is give her some food.

And wallah (she's mine....hahahahaha!)

Did you know she's actually getting sweeter and sweeter every day? She is and I'm so proud of her. I believed that if you give love to your pet they will gonna feel it and they can change to be better and loving too.

They only respond to what you do to them. So, better love them and life will be amazing and happier.

Ahem!!!  Okay. Gonna go!

Hey folks, I'm almost near in revealing my "one of the best thing to happen to me" moment this year. So, watch out for that--I am actually so excited to share it to the world. Have a great day everyone! 

Adios! See you later! :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

What's going on? Part 1: The Birthdays

Let's say it's not yet December or the end of the year but I'm gonna do my early recap of what's happening in my life the last five months or so. I actually never thought that its been too long since the last time I have written something here. And I am so excited to share some important stuff that made me happy and so blessed. There were memorable birthdays from the people I loved, new born puppies, engagement,  and lots of beautiful places and food!

So, where do I start?

Since my niece is my favorite let me start with her. March is her birthday month and we celebrate her birthday with too much of cuteness and #PicturePerfect moment. She's always been so demanding and so talkative and reasonable person but super cute and for sure you will not gonna hate her (well maybe). 

There she was blowing her cake way back March 11 and yes she's already 7 years old. Belated hbd!

But she actually didn't blow the candle because I told her to post so that I can take her picture.

"Pretty wise huh!"

And there she goes again posing as if she's really blowing her cake. Maybe you wanna know, we were actually super noisy telling her to do certain things like posing and looking at the camera. Especially, me because I want her to have a great picture that she'll gonna treasure when she grow up or at least a cute memorabilia picture.

And the main star of the celebration is the cake (aside from birthday celebrant of course). That cake is really a star and absolutely favorite of everybody. 

I tell you, everybody in the house really loves the "Black Forest cake" because it's moist, the sweetness is just right and super chocolatey. 

My sister said it has a wine or something but I don't mind and I will not gonna ask the bakery who made it because all I know is--its super delicious. And of course the spaghetti, sweet sticky rice and chicken sealed the deal. #Van voyage!

And next stop is my mom's birthday month--May!
My mom don't actually like to celebrate her birthday as always but I know she loves it especially, when we made a little effort for her. She's like an old fashion but she's also open in changes because we always convince her. 

"Tricky huh!"

So, here are the #throwback pictures of my mom way back May 17 and yes I forgot the year. Well, my mom celebrated her birthday this year but I wasn't there because of some happenings. Anyway, I am going to be better next year and hopefully I can celebrate with them (wish me luck or I need to give more effort :P).

The first word in my mouth "Patriotism" not to my country Philippines but to the USA only because of that cake box. But don't worry I still love my country and it just that I bought a cake to a store and it happened that they designed their cake box with the flag of USA. And it's fine because it's so cute and the cake itself was so yummy!

And very colorful too! Just look at the design of that gorgeous cake it's so inviting especially with the kids. No wonder why  kids love chocolate cake even not chocolate and just cake.

Well, I also love a cake and I'm not a kid anymore.


Look at that smile! I told you she loves it. Just like me and you--my mom loves celebration especially if it's her birthday celebration. I'm just proud of her for being amazing mother and wife.

I love you mom!

And I got her stolen shot with my niece Angela on her side. :P

#NoFilter #NoEffect just pure Love!

There's happiness in her face, I have to say. #Lol!

And there is no word to match how much I love this picture. For me, this is the #PicturePerfect moment that I've been always wanting to see in my mother's eyes.

Oh gosh! I just love putting pics here. It helps me to reminisce and remember all the good things in life and those people I care about.

And on the second part of this article you will see another simple but great happenings in my life that I want to share in the world. I called it "one of the best thing to happen to me" moment. And it was #PicturePerfect! 

See you folks again, thanks for stopping by! :) Thank you so much, Gracias, Arigato, Salamat!