Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breath-taking Bicol, "The Unexpected Journey"

Last week, I went to my province and also my parents hometown in Bicol. I traveled from Manila to Bicol by bus. It took us 9 hours or so because it's really far and then we stayed  for 2 days and a half. I still feel groggy right now but  since my official business went fine so, I know I need to relax now. But I'm still thinking about my trip and  I wanna show you some photos of the place that I took while I'm on a bus or jeep or while I was walking. 

This beautiful rice field will gonna welcome you once you entered the province.

I can remembered the old movies made in the Philippines, whether a love story or a battle. Mostly, the setting of the films were exactly like this--rice field, some trees and love-birds--I mean lovers. Then sometimes, rebel versus soldier chasing on the rice field ( how sweet--lol).

The life in the province as I saw it was really simple and peaceful, just like these two cows eating grass.

It's like they'd rather go fishing instead of playing online games...

Or maybe not! Who knows?

I think it's already harvest season because 1/4 of the rice field was already brown. It means they already harvested the rice grains and and those grains that's left were all turning yellow, really a good sign for those farmers.

Every time I look back to these photos, I really feel proud and so happy because I came from a beautiful place. So rich in nature and so #PicturePerfect that you can't do anything but admire its beauty.

It could be your Shang-rila, that you can use it as a getaway.

And if you feel so disturbed this place is a good for retreat to have peace of mind and relaxation.

Especially, if you're tired of hustle bustle in the metro and you need to see and experience the "old school life" or simple life for a change.

Although, the only thing you'll gonna see aside from rice field are trees...

Then, more trees...

And old houses...

Plus, grass.

And look at this road!

Would you believe that this road was actually one of the "National Road"?


Just because the life there was really simple well, it also means  the road too. But don't worry they have a bit bigger than this but I just love to show you this one. You know why?

Because this particular road was just amazing, it connected many municipalities in the province or in Manila we called it cities and in United States we called it states.

So, it was really nice that a small road connected many places.

Another thing is...
You need to wait for the vehicles here to arrive because they don't have that much and it will gonna take you for 30 to 45 minutes waiting. Well, it was okay even if it's super sunny and super hot that you'll gonna find yourself sweaty and thirsty--just like what I experienced. No big deal. Lol!


You can see lots of this because the province is actually surrounded by water or sea.

It can served as irrigation for those farmers or fishing area for those fishing enthusiasts to others or swimming place for some. 

In fact, they've been using this kind of river in a "Fiesta" here in Bicol.

Also, the people lives here use this river for their every day life.

You know what's good about these people?

They maintain the cleanliness of their rivers. I've seen rivers from here and there and I really admired them. I don't like comparing Manila and Bicol or any other places but there are some big difference. 

In Manila - there are many people in a crowded places. When there's too much of people it means too much of waste and trash. Then people keep throwing  their trash to the rivers so, right now it became polluted.

In Bicol -  their rivers are clean. You can see some houses near the river but they still respect their nature and they have discipline. 

But as I said, I don't like comparing two places...maybe I just did.

This one was...


So inviting.

Sea side. Beach (bitch) - that's how I pronounced it. Oops! Not cursing tho.

Finally, after many years--I become one again with nature. Does it sounded porn?

No? Good!

Honestly, I really miss adventure with nature like being surrounded by trees and water. I was not expecting to see some beautiful places because my mind was really focused on some serious stuff. 

The truth is--it was unexpected. 

And I was unprepared.



First of all, it was unexpected because I didn't intentionally want to wander around. But since my brother was with me and he really insisted to visit some places and relatives, that's why I said okay beside I owe him for coming with me. You know the last time I'd been to this place was when I was 7 or 8 years old, when my grand mother died. So, I was not familiar with everything especially with places and land marks.

And second, I was unprepared.

The fact that I didn't bring much of the things that I'm going to need, because I thought the visit will gonna be quick. But you know things happened and sometimes we made some adjustment so, we stayed there a bit longer than I expected it. And I'm glad I did, because there were some bad happenings happened,  like there was a bridge collapsed and vehicles commotion.  And luckily we avoided those circumstances.

And seeing these beautiful places really worth it! 

With this amazing view, you can't see it every day.


Although,  I've missed someone while I was away. My baby Tom,  I know he was worried about my safety.  Good thing, God didn't let anything to happen to me. Thanks God!

So, I'm still enjoying all the beautiful things in life.

And speaking of beautiful, I was amazed by this Mangcamagong beach because it was perfectly simple yet really attractive.  I wish I can go back to this place again with my love.

You know I just realized that we should be thankful in every great things in life. We should appreciate it and be happy no matter what, but I also realized  that we cannot fully appreciate something if we are not with the one we loved.

Anyway, instead of being too emotional,  I think we can try fishing next time or just walk and walk and walk and wander in the beauty of nature.

So, that's it for now folks!


Until next time...

Liz is here saying, "lovey dovey-you my baby"!

Oops! Not that one.

But this one...

 "Live life to the fullest by sharing it with others". So, I'm sharing it with you! :)

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  1. Since I'm already on your blog, I want to tell you, your photos are all beautiful. But there's a lot of beautiful places in Bicol that you didn't visit like Bagasbas Beach, Cam Sur surfing beach and water falls. Hope you visit it next time.