Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rays of Sunshine

Mystical White
Lately, I was missing the good old summer time--dry, hot weather and sweaty forehead because it's already rainy season and typhoon keeps coming in. So, I decided to find some pictures that I believed would make me feel summer.

I took this photo of orchids hanging on a tree for about 3 to 4 months ago on my parents' house before summer ended and make way for rainy season. 

Here it is again, take a closer look!

I didn't put any filter or effect to this beautiful flower because the sunlight already gives an amazing effect to it. And it's really heart-warming picture that I want to sit in there and take a quick smell to that flower. I actually did the last time (I don't smell anything or maybe my smelling prowess don't worked).

By the way, when I say "rainy season" here in the Philippines it doesn't mean that the sun never shines but most of the day it is really gloomy and cloudy and there's a big chance it will gonna rain within the day any time. And that could happen for one week or months. Well, it really depends on global warming (or maybe not)...)P

Now, you can see that this orchid was attached to this old mango tree (the old mango tree was the tree where I used to climbed up in to in our backyard when I was a kid located in my hometown). And it's so good to see that a tree gives benefit to human and also to another plant. That's the best examples of #PicturePerfect photo, it's not only beautiful but there's also a moral story.

What's the moral story?

Well, I know I didn't give you any story but just look at it. When something or someone gives benefit to something or someone--it means it's a good deed. And every good deeds is a good thing. 

And you know I'm kinda missing summer right? But I'm also kinda liking a not so hot weather so, for now I'm just gonna enjoy these beautiful and shining pictures where I can witness another creation of God. 

Honestly, for me any forms of nature is really created by God. That is why, I am happy to talk about it.

Sun shine, flowers, trees, and beautiful surrounding--equals to #PicturePerfect.

:) Liz is here saying, "Have a great day folks"!

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