Friday, September 12, 2014

What's going on? Part 1: The Birthdays

Let's say it's not yet December or the end of the year but I'm gonna do my early recap of what's happening in my life the last five months or so. I actually never thought that its been too long since the last time I have written something here. And I am so excited to share some important stuff that made me happy and so blessed. There were memorable birthdays from the people I loved, new born puppies, engagement,  and lots of beautiful places and food!

So, where do I start?

Since my niece is my favorite let me start with her. March is her birthday month and we celebrate her birthday with too much of cuteness and #PicturePerfect moment. She's always been so demanding and so talkative and reasonable person but super cute and for sure you will not gonna hate her (well maybe). 

There she was blowing her cake way back March 11 and yes she's already 7 years old. Belated hbd!

But she actually didn't blow the candle because I told her to post so that I can take her picture.

"Pretty wise huh!"

And there she goes again posing as if she's really blowing her cake. Maybe you wanna know, we were actually super noisy telling her to do certain things like posing and looking at the camera. Especially, me because I want her to have a great picture that she'll gonna treasure when she grow up or at least a cute memorabilia picture.

And the main star of the celebration is the cake (aside from birthday celebrant of course). That cake is really a star and absolutely favorite of everybody. 

I tell you, everybody in the house really loves the "Black Forest cake" because it's moist, the sweetness is just right and super chocolatey. 

My sister said it has a wine or something but I don't mind and I will not gonna ask the bakery who made it because all I know is--its super delicious. And of course the spaghetti, sweet sticky rice and chicken sealed the deal. #Van voyage!

And next stop is my mom's birthday month--May!
My mom don't actually like to celebrate her birthday as always but I know she loves it especially, when we made a little effort for her. She's like an old fashion but she's also open in changes because we always convince her. 

"Tricky huh!"

So, here are the #throwback pictures of my mom way back May 17 and yes I forgot the year. Well, my mom celebrated her birthday this year but I wasn't there because of some happenings. Anyway, I am going to be better next year and hopefully I can celebrate with them (wish me luck or I need to give more effort :P).

The first word in my mouth "Patriotism" not to my country Philippines but to the USA only because of that cake box. But don't worry I still love my country and it just that I bought a cake to a store and it happened that they designed their cake box with the flag of USA. And it's fine because it's so cute and the cake itself was so yummy!

And very colorful too! Just look at the design of that gorgeous cake it's so inviting especially with the kids. No wonder why  kids love chocolate cake even not chocolate and just cake.

Well, I also love a cake and I'm not a kid anymore.


Look at that smile! I told you she loves it. Just like me and you--my mom loves celebration especially if it's her birthday celebration. I'm just proud of her for being amazing mother and wife.

I love you mom!

And I got her stolen shot with my niece Angela on her side. :P

#NoFilter #NoEffect just pure Love!

There's happiness in her face, I have to say. #Lol!

And there is no word to match how much I love this picture. For me, this is the #PicturePerfect moment that I've been always wanting to see in my mother's eyes.

Oh gosh! I just love putting pics here. It helps me to reminisce and remember all the good things in life and those people I care about.

And on the second part of this article you will see another simple but great happenings in my life that I want to share in the world. I called it "one of the best thing to happen to me" moment. And it was #PicturePerfect! 

See you folks again, thanks for stopping by! :) Thank you so much, Gracias, Arigato, Salamat!

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