Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's going on? Part 2: The New Addition to the Family

Month of June had been a very productive month. 

While I was in a vacation,  Hachico the very first female dog (bitch)in the house had given birth to the two cute puppies named Candice and Stacey. They are so adorable and super cute. From the moment they were born up to now they give nothing but joy and messy place. They love playing and partying, it means they love making the house super messy because once they found a pillow, door-matte, or any paper even the tissue for sure you'll gonna find it all over the place. But every time they do that it's actually fine because even dogs need to be happy (even they make the whole place messy). Besides they are the new addition to the family and we really treat them as one of us.

 Too little (2 little)!

Too small (2 small)!

Introducing, Candice and Stacey! Two adorable puppies. Super cute and super white.

This one is Candice Tokotok, she have brown color on her ears and head (just a little bit) and the shape of her face is quite square also a bit dark spot on her nose. And the most attractive is her eyes. 

One time I was standing and fixing something to eat and all of the sudden I feel something licking my feet. Then I realized, it could be one the dogs and I saw her licking me. I said, "Candice"! Then she stopped and sat down while looking at me. I was hypnotized by the sweetness of her look. I was thinking "Aww, my baby Candice is so cute" and then I gave her a treat. 

 Candice and Stacey are not just cute, they are also smart.

One morning we decided to put them on top of the small table so we can get their picture. They were not scared but very careful not to fall. They want to jump but they were hesitant they might get hurt (they know if there's dangers too). 

Dogs can be crazy sometimes but they know how to think and they also have emotions(they are happy sometimes and excited especially when there's food) and they get so sad too.

But no matter what time is it, I always love to capture their #PicturePerfect moment because it's A-mazing. 

They are the best of friends.

They sometimes fight but they are best friends too.  They clean each other's ears and they sleep together.

They look out for each other.

When they are playing they attack the other dogs at same time (it's like double team in crime or tag team in crime). They have these understandings and communication that I admire so much.

They are inseparable.

When they were super small (but they are still small until now). I mean when they were like two weeks old you'll gonna notice they were inseparable. It was like they got each other's back and nobody will gonna mess up with them.

And when you look at them you'll gonna say, "I love these two, so amazing".

I'm sure!

And because I am admiring them  so much since the day they were born, you will see my hands in the picture. I was going to touch the head of these puppies because I love them so much.

And since earlier I introduced to you Candice, now make way for Stacey Tokitok.We called her the sexy puppy. Candice is sweeter than Stacey but Stacey is sweeter to their mom Hachico and to the super cute Harry.

And I was holding Candice my favorite loving puppy.

Well, I also love Stacey but she's getting mad whenever we hold her. She's always trying to bite me...huhuhu! But I know how to trick her, all I need to do is give her some food.

And wallah (she's mine....hahahahaha!)

Did you know she's actually getting sweeter and sweeter every day? She is and I'm so proud of her. I believed that if you give love to your pet they will gonna feel it and they can change to be better and loving too.

They only respond to what you do to them. So, better love them and life will be amazing and happier.

Ahem!!!  Okay. Gonna go!

Hey folks, I'm almost near in revealing my "one of the best thing to happen to me" moment this year. So, watch out for that--I am actually so excited to share it to the world. Have a great day everyone! 

Adios! See you later! :)


  1. Those adorable puppies, very cute!

  2. They are cute, how are you? Thank you for sharing.

  3. My niece, loves your puppies. Train them to be good.